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Sterling Scales and Weighing Equipment in the Central Carolina Scale Electronic Catalog

Sterling Scale was established in 1961 and started manufacturing scales in 1968. They manufacture a complete line of electronic scales from truck scales to scales weighing fractions of a gram. The Engineering Department is available for custom design and unusual scale applications. Sterling designs scales which are easy to use, rugged and reliable to satisfy the hi-tech industrial requirements required by today's customers. All are "Made in America".

E Series

Sterling E Series Floor Scale

The E-series is a economy platform scale designed for general weighing such as pallets and containers of material. It is available in capacities from 1000 to 10000 lbs. Shown with optional indicator stand

810 digital readout
Sterling Model 810 Indicator

Full feature indicator with key board entry RS232 output, counting mode fast update and lb/kg units switching.

Race Track Scale

Model 46/850F Floor level scale system

The Model 46/850F is designed to weigh cars and trucks of various lengths and weight. The system consist of four scale platforms installed in scale pits and a weigh station. The weights of the front and rear wheels, the front and rear axles and total vehicle weight is displayed on a color monitor.

Racetrack scale system
Model 46/850R Above floor Vehicle Weighing System

The Model 46/850R is designed to weigh cars and trucks of various lengths and weight. The system consist of four scale platforms, four ramps, two fillers and a weigh station. The weight of the front and rear wheels, the front and rear axles and total vehicle weight is displayed on a color monitor.

counting scale
SCB810 Heavy Duty Counting Scales

Designed to take abuse. The SCB810 is accurate and rugged. The display can be attached to the scale platform as per photograph, separated from the platform to prevent dropped parts from damaging the indicator or supplied with attached indicator post. The large heavy duty weighing platform is ideal for weighing 50 lb. boxes. Options include two scale operation.

Automatic Parts Sorting Scale

automatic parts sorting

Instrumentation can be upgraded to provide a complete tally of part weights to warn of excessive reject or, through the use of SPC, warn out of tolerance conditions before they occur.

Stack lights and alarms can be added to warn of unacceptable reject levels

Sterling 810-APS

For the Automotive Supplier: Automatic Counting/Sorting Systems

If you need parts that are exactly right, delivered in exactly the right quantities, the Sterling Sort by Weight station is just what you've been looking for.

This system accurately qualifies all parts by weight, then sorts them into an accept bin or a reject bin. Because the parts are counted one at a time, there is ZERO ERROR in the actual part count, no matter if you're counting a few dozen or a few million!

This system can also be programmed for an auto-shutoff when a box has been filled, or when a certain number of acceptable parts has been counted out.

The system shown is intended for small to medium-size parts, but the same principle can be easily applied to a wide range of sizes.

Conveyors and Slide mechanisms--even a jet of compressed air--can be used to re-route rejected parts off-line and keep the good parts flowing.

LPE barrel scale

Active Weighing surface includes two, built-in ramps
Flat loading surface is 30" wide x 24" long
Stationary or Portable versions
Order in Mild or Stainless Steel
1,000 or 2,000 lb Capacities

LPE Drum & Barrel Portable Scales

Toe-Tap Portability
With our simple Tri-wheel design, this scale is easily maneuvered into position. A single press of the foot pedal retracts the wheels and you're ready to weigh. Another press of the foot pedal and the scale is ready to move again.




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