Truck Scales

When you need accurate truck weights and unsurpassed durability, it only makes sense to call Central Carolina Scale, Inc. Truck scales are available in either full-electronic or electromechanical types with either concrete or steel platforms. Low profile units offer simple installation with minimal foundation requirements while pit type installations are often the best choice for use in severe climates or when grain is to be discharged out of the truck onto a conveyor mounted beneath the scale platform. Multiple platform units are used to simultaneously measure the truck's axle weights while obtaining its total weight as well. Service, calibration & maintenance is also available. Vehicle scales may be equipped with many different options to increase their utility for both operator and driver. Options include traffic lights, truck management software, ticket printers, remote displays, intercom, video surveillance, automated systems, power conditioning, guard rails and so on. Truck Scale Questions that need to be answered before receiving a quote

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