You want some fries with that floor scale?

It has almost become comical when we stop and take a few moments to look around the internet at all the different floor scales that are available. Sometimes, it is even funnier when we notice all the floor scale “experts” positioned throughout the internet that are selling the floor scales. It’s really unbelievable.  It’s as if floor scales are posted on websites like burgers are listed on restaurant menus.  However, as some of you know, not every burger is the same.  Same holds true for floor scales.  Quality matters.

You see, we’ve been working on and selling floor scales going on thirty years.  Many of our suppliers have been selling them for longer than that.   That’s why we just shake our head when we continue to have folks ask us to try and “match” or beat the price of some of these imported scales that have only existed for a few months.  Fact is, we can’t beat the prices for these scales and there are some good reasons we can’t.

Sure, we could go out and import our own floor scales by the container and then dump them on the market like others have.  However, many of these “import beauties” are built with no drawings.  Many others are built in subpar factories overseas.  Finally, many others are built with subpar steel or shall we say pieces upon pieces of steel.

All this is done to cut costs and create the ultimate low cost floor scale.  The loser in all this is ultimately the end user because he/she buys a floor scale with less durability and a shorter lifespan.  However, the American Scale manufacturer also loses marketshare as a result and the individual scale dealer loses potential sales.

That is why when it comes to floor scales, we recommend the Rice Lake Roughdeck Floor Scale.  It is built by a reputable company that you can trust.  Roughdeck floor scales are the toughest, most accurate floor scales available. From general industrial weighing applications such as shipping and receiving, bulk loading, and counting, to abusive operations such as shock end or corner-loading, Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ complete line of floor scales delivers durability and accuracy.  Standard version is painted mild steel.  Also available: NTEP legal for trade, stainless steel, corrosion resistant, washdown, and flexure lever models. RoughDeck™ floor scales are designed from the bottom up to perform year after year in the most rugged industrial environments. With standard models built specifically for a variety of tough applications including general use scales,sanitary designed scales, portable scales,and a single animal livestock scale, there is a RoughDeck ready to work for you. 500 lb to 30,000 lb capacities. Deck sizes ranging from 2′ x 2′ to 8′ x 10′. Exclusive super-duty underdeck design. Available with access ramps and pit frames. Completely customizable to meet your unique needs