PC Software captures Data from Digital Scales or Balances

Recently Adam Equipment introduced AdamDU Data Collection Software, a new software utility that collects balance and scale data for immediate analysis or for exporting to other applications such as spreadsheets. The software is easy to set up and can record data from up to eight Adam Equipment balances and scales simultaneously. AdamDU is also capable of providing graphing and statistic analysis for the collected data.

Customers are asking for easy ways of sending their scale data to the computer and with the Adam software package, it couldn’t get any easier. The software is designed to work with most Adam balances and scales, without needing complex programming skills. Continue reading

Counting Scales are available for purchase

Digital Counting scales look at the weight of the items you place on the weighing platform and divide the weight by the number of pieces you entered, to compute the average piece weight (APW). This is how a digital counting scale displays the number of pieces or parts. The item(s) you are counting must be uniform in weight. No counting scale will ever work if there is a significant variation in the weight of the items. The larger the initial sample (100 pieces versus 5 pieces) the better results the counting scale can provide since it averages out any variations in the piece weights.

So, how do I know which counting scale is best for me? First, find a model that meets your capacity and accuracy requirements (remember the least amount of capacity you can handle is better). In fact, if you’re going to be weighing really light pieces, then possibly a balance with parts counting would be your best choice. Then, look at the features required for your applications (both now and in the future) such as computer/printer interfacing capability, battery operation, ability to connect a larger platform scale (remote scale), etc…

Quality versus Price

Sometimes ideas about what to write on this blog just fall right into my lap. I just got off the phone with a potential customer who was asking for a price on a scale system. Once I told him the price, he immediately questioned me and wondered why my item was so much more expensive than a “similar” item he had just seen on another website. I Continue reading

Portable precision weighing and counting in one item!

Designed for portable precision weighing and counting in industrial environments. The GSE Model 672 counting balance standard menu driven applications simplify use, while the programmable features allow the scale to be customized for application requirements.


Cardinal Counting Scales are here!

Economical Cardinal digital parts counting scales are here! Model CS. The built-in rechargeable battery pack with up to 200 hours of continuous use not only monitors the battery life, but also recharges the battery while the scale is in operation insuring no unexpected “down time.”Preset count and weight limits can be set to alert the operator that a quantity or desired weight has been achieved. The is an excellent feature for packaging of parts and products.

With 15,000 weight divisions, the CS series is capable of counting the smallest of parts. The CS series includes memory accumulators to keep total piece count and weight from the last time the memory was cleared. This feature is great for keeping a running total on specific parts and products.

The CS scale packaging can be re-used when storing or transferring the scale. A vinyl dust and debris cover protects the CS scale from all of the dirt that can accumulate over long term use.

Looking for a Heavy Duty Industrial Parts Counting Scale? You found it!

Look no further! The Pennsylvania 7500 Counting Scale is FAST, ACCURATE AND DEPENDABLE. All Pennsylvania Scale counting scales feature heavy duty cast construction, premium load cells, and bright LED or LCD displays. Impressive performance and value in an easy to use configuration. Fast one button counting. Automatic sample update for improved accuracy, and 1 part in 1 million resolution. Ideal for: Shipping or receiving verifications, Inventory or production control, Bench or portable weighing, Shipping manifest or SPC/SQC, & Quality control

A great NEW counting scale is now available

With a capacity of up to 100 pounds, and an optional rechargeable battery that provides up to 24 hours of continuous usage, this durable counting scale offers tremendous power and virtually unlimited flexibility. Its bright red LCD display can be seen from any angle and is highly visible in low light areas.

If accuracy and ease-of-use are important, the Digi DC-788 high resolution counting scale is a must-have. With its RS-232 interface, you can easily attach a scanner or printer for all your labeling applications. And only the DC-788 enables you to customize your output by allowing specific spec codes to be disabled. With the DC-788’s increased capacity and power, you can now do much more economically!