Farmer’s Market season means time to upgrade to a new scale

Every single year we write about price computing scales at this time of year, so I guess we’ll do it again this year.  For most produce stands or farmer’s markets throughout the United States you need a NTEP Legal for Trade scale  to weigh your items on that you are going to sell your customer(s).  Most people opt for a Continue reading

Price versus quality

I had to write this entry based on the last couple of weeks.  We here at CCS always try to stay on top of the newest trends…especially when it comes to scales.  So I had a new lower priced import scale shipped in here so we could evaluate it.

Every distributor in all kinds of industries attempt to come up with lower priced Continue reading

Ok, you asked for it — you got it. My recommendation on what legal for trade price computing scale to buy for farmer’s markets

What a beautiful Saturday morning! My wife and I went to the farmer’s market and we were amazed at all the wonderful produce that was available! You name it — juicy apples, sweet corn, bright red tomatoes, green peppers, candy, pumpkins — I could go on and on…While my wife was looking at all the wonderful products available, I must confess that I was looking at all the scales that the different vendors were using. I saw almost every brand you can imagine.

Probably not a week goes by that I don’t get asked by a potential customer “what’s the best price computing scale”? I normally mention a couple of nice ones and the customer either takes my advice and buys or they don’t. However, in this entry, I’m going to give you the run down on what I witnessed at the farmer’s market today and I’m going to tell you what scale I’d buy if I ran a stand at the market.  As we strolled around, I saw a CAS unit, a couple of Avery Berkel, a few Hobart models, some Ishida models as well.   Now, are you ready for my recommendation?

I kept thinking to myself as we walked around, what would I want in a price computing scale? What makes one unit stand out from the rest of the pack? Then I realized what set one unit apart from the rest. Now, I don’t want to take away from the basic math or arithmetic skills a vendor at one of these markets must have, but wouldn’t it be nice to not have to figure out how much change to give a person after every single transaction? That’s when it hit me! The Rice Lake RS-130 price computing scale is a very nice price computing scale that can easily calculate change.

What sets the Rice Lake RS-130 apart from the other NTEP Approved digital price computing scales on the market? That’s an easy question — First, the RS-130 displays weight in not only pounds, but also kg’s and oz’s. Second, the scale computes customer change for you! Third, the scale comes with an inuse cover. Fourth, the scale can operate on standard AC power or the rechargeable battery that’s included standard. Plus, like a lot of other retail scales, it allows you to enter frequently sold items (PLU’s) into memory.

There you have it — my recommendation. The RS-130. Don’t forget though, we have many different price computing scales that are always available at Central Carolina Scale!

I need a scale that computes price per pound and prints a label…

We hear this request a lot from our customers. One of the most reliable choices over the years has to be the CAS Corporation LP1000. The CAS LP-1000 Thermal Label Printing Scale was designed specifically for the food service environment where you need to pre-pack and price items. Available in either a Model A, B, or C, the CAS LP 1000 is perfect for your deli or grocery.

With 54 preset Pricing keys and the flexibility to choose the number of PLU’s and characters of product description you need (models A, B, or C), you can pre-program your items, prices, and ingredients into the scale, thus reducing errors and giving the consumer the information they require. Optional pole display (model LP-1000R) is also available, as well as cases of labels.

High Capacity Digital Legal for Buying & Selling Scale does exist!

If you’re looking for a portable legal for trade high capacity price computing scale, the CAS TP-1 is for you! Take the guess work out of pricing with the CAS TP-1 series price computing scales. Designed for portable use with AC power or D batteries, the TP-1 series is ideal for deli’s, bakeries, candy and coffee shops, convenience stores, produce markets, hardware stores and more. Features a 60 pound capacity! The TP-1 features low battery designator, clear LCD display, 15 direct PLU memory, & 8 digits in total price

Now this is a scale to bring to the market!

The Nova II is the perfect solution for individuals or markets selling produce and other goods by weight. The Ishida Nova II retail price computing scale is one of the very few legal for trade systems on the market with a 60 lb. weighing capacity! These portable units are perfect for weighing heavier pieces of produce like pumpkins, sweet potatoes or even watermelons!

Applications ideal for the Nova II, Point-of-sale weighing and price-computing, High accuracy, Advanced computing functions, Convenient adjustment keys, Platform dimensions: 9.6″ x 13.8″, Compact design, customer display on rear of unit.

Digital Price Computing Scale w/ Column…

The CAS AP-1 Electronic Weight Scale manufactured by CAS Corporation are now available at Central Carolina Scale. The CAS AP-1 comes fully equipped with a stainless steel platter, tower display with front and rear vacuum florescent displays (VFD), 28 “hot shot” keys for quick lookup, auto span adjustment, auto zero tracking, zero and tare display designators and flush mount keypad. These top selling electronic scales come with standard features normally found only in higher priced scales.

The AP-1 features: 200 Total PLU’s, 28 Preset Keys, TARE, TARE SAVE, PREPACK, ADD+TOTAL Features, Auto Span Calibration, Total / Weight / Unit Price, 6 / 5 / 6 Digits, 1/2 + 1/4 Keys Where Legal, “NTEP” Approved, Legal For Trade

Would you expect anything less than the best from Detecto?

Take the guess work out of pricing with Detecto’s DS series price computing scales. Designed for portable use with a built-in rechargeable battery pack, the DS series is ideal for deli’s, bakeries, candy and coffee shops, convenience stores, produce markets, hardware stores and more.

The built-in rechargeable battery supply not only monitors the battery life, but also recharges the battery while the scale is in operation ensuring no unexpected “down time”. Pressing the PrePack key, after the unit price has been entered, retains that price for repetitive price-computing making the operator’s job even more simple.

Adjustable, nonskid feet and internal bubble level ensure steady weighing. The smooth lines of the molded poly enclosure, lift-off stainless steel commodity tray and sealed membrane keypad make cleaning an easy chore. These scales include a standard 3 prong AC cord – no large AC adapter to take up valuable wall space. For added protection, the DS series includes a dust/debris cover and a water well under the platter to further prevent against moisture and accidental spills.

Wow! What a great digital price computing scale for the market!

Is there anything that this retail scale doesn’t offer? Rice Lake’s “legal for trade” RS 130 digital price computing scale is ideal for everything from retail candy stores to farmer’s markets. With a 30 lb capacity it is the perfect companion for selling chocolate, fudge, candy and more. Its rechargeable battery-powered operation means true portability for use anywhere! This scale allows you to switch from lbs, kgs, or ounces and will compute customer change for you as well! User-friendly keypad and easy-to-read display take the guesswork out of calculations. The RS 130 works the way you do!

NTEP-certified, Legal-for-Trade, customer display on front/rear of unit, switchable between lb’s, kg’s, or oz’s, internal sealed rechargeable battery included, 8-speed keys for quick price lookups, plus! this scale computes customer change!

What scale should I buy to take to the farmer’s market?

This is a question we get asked quite a bit. Really the answer depends on what your needs are and how much money you’re looking to spend. Traditionally, one of our very best selling digital NTEP Approved Legal for Trade price computing scales has been the Tor Rey. It doesn’t matter if it’s the proven model like the PC-40L or the LPC-40L.  The Tor Rey lineup of basic price computing scales have been a very reliable and cost effective price computing scale for our customers.

The PC-40L meets most weighing needs for the cost conscious retailer. Rechargeable Battery power makes the PC-40L highly versatile and portable.  Application areas include mobile businesses, fruits & vegetables, meats & cheese, delicatessens, confectionary, coffee & tea, portion control, and many more!  The PC-40L from Tor Rey is easy to install and easy to operate.  The stainless steel enclosure is easy to clean and the LCD display with backlight is easy to read.