Wrestling Scales

When it comes to buying digital scales for wrestling, the price matters but the quality and accuracy matter too. No one wants to spend a few hundred dollars on a certified scale just to have it break within a year or two. Our goal is to provide weighing products that provide accurate weights and last many years in the process. As you browse through our site remember that we offer products from the top suppliers in the weighing industry. We do sell the Befour wrestling scales and we also have Rice Lake scales which are some of the best in the industry.

Finally, don't forget we are a scale company. We not only sell scales, but we repair them, calibrate them, and understand them. When it comes to purchasing scales for weighing wrestlers, we sell to a lot of high school athletic departments but we also sell to a large number of college programs as well. Our scales are built tough and many are lightweight and portable. Please see our outstanding selection below.

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