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Rice Lake iDimension 400

The Rice Lake iDimension 400 optimizes dimensional shipping and enhances quality assurance verification with 3D imaging technology in loading bays, warehouses, and shipping and receiving departments. NTEP Certified at 8 x 8 x 8 feet with 0.5 inch accuracy. Dimensions 240-300 pallets per hour.


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Years ago when we thought about shipping pallets via UPS Freight, FedEx Freight, Saia, USF Holland, etc... we just placed a pallet on top of the floor scale, wrote down the pallet weight, and we then sent our cargo off with the freight carrier. Then we simplified the process by connecting the electronic scale to our desktop computer so the actual package weight displayed inside the shipping software. Well, now we have to update our process again since more LTL freight carriers are starting look at both pallet weight and dimensions when it comes to calculating the cost to ship a pallet.

These systems are not inexpensive but when you consider the additional costs of having employees measure by hand each and every pallet, then record the information (hopefully writing down the numbers correctly) the return on investment (ROI) for an iDimension 400 system can be achieved fairly quickly. And don't forget the freight carriers have started billing customers for pallets that had a DIM weight that was higher than the actual weight. So an iDimension 400 ROI could be achieved fairly quickly, depending on how many pallets you ship on a daily basis.


iDimension 400 Specifications
NTEP Certified at 8 x 8 x 8 feet with 0.5 inch accuracy
Dimensions 240-300 pallets per hour
Provides dimensions, weight and up to 5 images of each pallet
Ceiling mounted with suspension cables; minimum 15 ft ceiling height
360 degree access for easy pallet placement in the center of target zone
No moving parts and solid state design
Minimal set-up and training required


LTL Dimensioning—Fast, Easy and Efficient

Ideal for loading bays, warehouses, and shipping and receiving departments, iDimension 400 optimizes dimensional shipping and enhances quality assurance verification with 3D imaging technology.

Advanced 3D Imaging
Once triggered, iDimension 400 captures dimensions in only four to seven seconds. While calculating dimensions, the system provides a single overhead image and four side-view images. The time and date and bounding box can also be displayed with the images, providing a visual representation of the dimensional calculation and additional details for quality assurance and verification purposes. Using an existing floor or lift truck scale with iDimension 400 adds weight data to each transaction. iDimension 400’s ceiling mount design allows 360 degree access for easy pallet placement within the target area.

System Integration
When connected to your network, use iDimension 400’s open web service interface and API to show system status as well as to trigger a dimensioning transaction from a mobile PC for real-time data transfer. iDimension 400’s network interface allows other PCs throughout your company to view one of three operating displays without any additional software required.

iDimension 400 Software
Connect iDimension 400 directly to a local PC and trigger a transaction via a bar code scan using Windows® based iDimension 400 software. iDimension 400 software displays the status of the unit transaction as well as stores the tracking number, L x W x H dimensions, time and date, and images on the local PC SQL database. The software can export data to a .txt file and store . jpeg image files in separate directory.

Easy Maintenance and Support
With no moving parts and a solid-state design, maintenance is virtually non-existent. With remote access capabilities, phone service technicians and your company’s administrators can view the performance of iDimension 400 in real-time. The simple-to-use operator interface requires minimal set-up, and calibration is performed in only a few minutes.


169247   iDimension 400 System, NTEP approved with 7ft x 7ft x 6ft x 1 inch, 0-40 C
174929   iDimension 400 System, NTEP approved with 8ft x 8ft x 8ft x 0.5inch, Includes JLT PC, 25ft Power Cord, Calibration Kit and test box Requires factory installation and training for additional charge