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Transcell TS60001 S-Beam Load Cells

Transcell Technology, Inc. specializes in load cell manufacturing. The TS60001 line of s-type load cells are made of tool steel and NTEP. Capacities available include 50 lb through 20,000 lb. Similar to Rice Lake RL20000, RL20001, Sensortronics 60001, RTI 363 & Celtron STC


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NTEP Certified Alloy Steel S-Beam Load Cell in various capacities manufactured by Transcell Technology at their factory in China. Similar to Rice Lake RL20000, Sensortronics 60001, Revere 363 & Celtron STC.


MODEL ............... ITEM ............ CAPACITY
TS60001-50      P2104120050         50 lb
TS60001-100    P2104120100        100 lb
TS60001-200    P2104120200        200 lb
TS60001-250    P2104120250        250 lb
TS60001-500    P2104120500        500 lb

TS60001-1K      P2104121100       1000 lb
TS60001-1.5K   P2104121150       1500 lb
TS60001-2K      P2104121200       2000 lb
TS60001-2.5K   P2104121250       2500 lb
TS60001-3K      P2104121300       3000 lb
TS60001-5K      P2104121500       5000 lb
TS60001-10K    P2104122100     10,000 lb
TS60001-15K    P2104122150     15,000 lb
TS60001-20K    P2104122200     20,000 lb