It’s State Fair time again!

You must be thinking, what does the State Fair have to do with a scale blog? Well, a lot if you stop and think about it. Remember the person who stands on practically every corner and guesses people’s weight? What’s that big item behind him? Looks like a scale to me. I’m sure there’s lots of other examples of how scales come into play before, during, and after the fair. (Especially after eating all that food!!!)

But, the real thought I had was a booth that has always been at the fair for as long as I can remember. It has a small 3’x3′ floor scale connected to a digital readout and a printer. However, the digital readout ALWAYS has a piece of cardboard taped over it so no one can see how much weight is on the scale!!!! After each person steps on the scale, the operator presses the print button and each person gets a private “printout” of their weight.

So, todays topic is printers. We have many different ones to choose from. Basically, you have three different types. A ticket printer which is used mostly on truck scales. We also have a tape printer, kind of like the credit card receipts you get at the store. Finally, we have label printers, remember the labels you see on items at the supermarket like special breads or meats that you buy by the pound.