Often asked questions

Often folks will ask us why do you do this or that….well, here are a few of the questions and answers.

1.  Why do you write your name over the product pictures on your website?  Well, the answer is really pretty simple. We have some “competitors” who like to take our webpage’s pictures and text right off our website, and then use it on their site or especially on their auction sites and then claim that they are some catchy name like “scale solutions.”  We’ve had this happen on several occasions.  One way to try and stop this is to place our company name on the pictures.  So, hope this answers your question and our message to our customers and potential customers is, if these “competitors” are going to rip our product info & pictures right off our website, what are they going to do with you and your information, credit card numbers etc…. if you choose to order from them.

2.  What seperates Central Carolina Scale from all the other scale companies I see online?  What seperates us from most everyone else is that we don’t play games and try to sell you more product than you need.  Our goal is to get you a quality product(s) that will meet your needs for years to come.  We do our absolute best to only recommend the best, most reliable scales that we know of.  If there is a product that we’re not big fans of, we’ll tell you.  If you have an application where we can’t help you, we’ll try to refer you to someone who can.  That’s some of the many reasons why we continue to be more and more people’s favorite scale company to buy weighing related items from year after year.

3. Last question, what new products are you planning on offering in 2008?  The answer is…..many.  We have a tremendous amount of product available for almost any industry. In case you hadn’t noticed, we now have the Sartorius Industrial lineup.  We have the expanded Seca Medical lineup not to mention the popular Pennsylvania scale lineup.