Count Small Parts Easier Than Ever

Counting scales have become an essential tool for accurately counting large quantities of small parts. The DIGI® DC-782 Counting Scale from Central Carolina Scale is a low cost solution for many parts counting needs. While withstanding frequent movement, the DIGI® DC-782 also maintains the incredible resolution and accuracy needed for dependable parts counting.

count small parts easier with an electronic counting scale

This counting scale can be programmed to store information for up to 25 separate parts, as well as interface with a PC using its RS-232 output. Use the DIGI® DC-782 for up to 300hours of continuous use on its optional rechargeable battery. For mobile workstations, outdoor applications, warehouses, or rental fleets, be certain your count is correct using the DIGI® DC-782. 

The DC-782 is a low cost counting scale that offers practical solutions for a full range of counting applications. Its counting resolution of 1/500,000 gives you maximum counting precision and accuracy. Its backlit LCD display enables operators to easily see weights and quantities. The DC-782 can also store an item code, tare weight, unit weight, and setpoint value for 25 of your pieces, parts, or items and recall 10 of them with the pressing of a single preprogrammed key. The RS-232 output allows you to transmit data from the scale to a PC. When portability is required, choose the battery operation option of the DC-782 for over 300 hours of continuous use in mobile workstations, outdoor applications, and rental fleets. The DC-782 is rugged enough to operate reliably in many environments and withstand transport from one area of the plant to another or from one location to the next with the optional carry case. Call (919) 776-7737 for more info.