No Network Available for Data Collection? No Problem.

Over the past several years Doran Scale has become a leader in scale communication and data collection applications. With the new advanced features on the 2200 series this system now offers more flexibility in real world data collection applications. While collecting data using Ethernet and a Local Area Network (LAN) is ideal in many instances, there are times when this is not practical because of complexity, facility restrictions or cost. An ideal solution when a LAN is not available is the Doran 2200 Scale with the Bluetooth option utilizing data buffering.

The 2200 with the Bluetooth option (EXOPT205 ) is set up with an appropriate data string which could include Product ID, Description, User defined fields for Lot ID, Employee ID or Location and scale information. Data buffering is enabled in configuration and the data output method is selected. This could be a manual output by pressing the PRINT button or one of several automatic outputs. When weight is on the scale and data is output manually or automatically, the configured data string is stored in buffer for download later. Depending on the size of the data string, up to 1,000 weighments may be stored in memory. At the end of the day or at the end of a shift a PC, laptop or netbook with Bluetooth or the recommended Doran Bluetooth adapter and Excelerator Scale data collection Software (SFT001) installed is brought out to the scale. A connection is established and Excelerator is opened.  Excelerator then downloads all of the buffered data into an excel worksheet and clears the buffer of data.

Benefits of Bluetooth and Data Buffering
• No need to install a LAN or involve the IT department resulting in a simple to set up and install system.
• The data buffer is nonvolatile memory, no data is lost if power is interrupted.
• There are no cables or wires exposed to potential damage
• An ideal way to collect data in a portable application
• Extremely cost effective.

For more information on the 2200 Series, data buffering and Bluetooth please contact the sales team at Central Carolina Scale