Portable Wheel Weighers Overview From Intercomp

At Central Carolina Scale, we’ve been selling, renting, and repairing scales for over 40 years and likewise Intercomp has been building outstanding portable wheel weighers and crane scales for decades as well. Intercomp is the world’s largest manufacturer of portable weighing and measurement products, producing the highest quality products at competitive prices. Customers in fields like aerospace, transportation, automotive, and numerous other industries know that Intercomp’s products provide reliable solutions for the most exacting applications.

PT300 Portable Wheel Weigher Scale

Intercomp’s exclusive RFX Wireless Weighing Technology is the most advanced technology of its kind. The complete line of portable scales, indicators, and test equipment utilize RFX Wireless Weighing Technology to provide the accuracy needed to obtain reliable readings in any weighing application. Intercomp industrial weighing products also consists of portable high capacity scales & load cells for under the wheel of vehicles, on overhead cranes, in material handling devices and mounted within production equipment. Let’s take a look at a few of the Intercomp wheel load scales below.

The industry benchmark and longest serving fully electronic portable wheel load scale. Individual scale capacities from 10,000 to 25,000lbs (5,000 to 12,000kgs) yet lightweight at just 37 lbs (18 kgs) so you can take them to anywhere.

A larger surface than the standard PT300 capable of accommodating dual tires when weighing on unimproved surfaces. Heavy duty construction with capacities from 10,000 to 40,000 lbs. (5,000 to 20,000 kgs) allow you to weigh almost anywhere.

Low-profile with integrated ramps simplifies on/off loading with a platform size large enough to accommodate dual tires. Machined from aerospace grade aluminum, these sturdy weigh pads are ideal for municipal and county law enforcement agencies and make great portable rv scales as well.

SW Series Vehicle Scales
RFX™ Wireless SW™ Series Scales offer unbeatable accuracy and the best repeatability in a portable system with easy to use controls. Ideal for any basic weighing applications.

So, when it comes to weighing portable equipment that has wheels, more often than not, it makes sense to choose an Intercomp scale for the task. At Central Carolina Scale, we are an authorized Intercomp Scales dealer and can provide you with the right scale for your application. Give us a call at 919-776-7737 or contact us for additional information.