Common Applications for Peak Hold Feature In Digital Scales

In today’s entry we would like to discuss the peak hold function. It’s a popular topic since we are usually asked about this capability at least every week or so. In these examples we will focus primarily on the Doran Scale product line. The Excel Series 2200, 2200CW, 4300, 7000XL, 7400, and 8000XL scales from Doran represent a scale line that you can rely on to fill a wide variety of weighing applications. From a battery powered 2200CW checkweigh scale for a food manufacturer, to an 8000XL series scale with a wireless Ethernet option for a seafood company, the flexibility of the Excel Series scales can help you achieve accurate results time after time. The Peak Hold feature is another example of how the Excel Series from Doran provides value added weighing solutions.

Doran 2200CW stainless steel checkweigher

Customers Using Peak Hold 
Many industries use Peak Hold in their quality control process. Peak Hold is when weight or force is applied to determine the highest amount of force a product can withstand. Maintaining a consistent specification in production results in cost savings, increased safety, and minimizes exposure to product liability litigation. Peak Hold allows for maximum sensitivity and accurate weight or force readings too quick for the eye to see and because it is digitally held, a displayed peak value will not decay or drift.

Common applications for Peak Hold are found in:
Packaging Industry – Testing the amount of weight that boxes or other packaging material can absorb while protecting their contents.

Pharmaceutical Industry – Testing the amount of weight to crush pills.

Plastics and Rubber Industry – Stretching rubber or plastic products to determine tensile strength.

Peak Hold is typically thought of a force measurement gauge application and while this may be the most common solution to this application the Doran Excel Series scales and indicators with the Peak Hold  feature have several important advantages and benefits:

• Many products that require this type of testing are of a physical size, shape or weight that are beyond the capabilities of traditional force gauges. The best or only solution is a scale or indicator and platform configuration.

• Products that must be tested in wet environments or products that may spray liquid when tested require a test device like the Doran Excel series with Stainless steel construction, super tough Guardian touch panels and an IP69K indicator enclosure.

• By the very nature of this type of application the equipment used is subjected to punishing forces. Doran is legendary for designing and manufacturing scales, indicators and bases that outperform the competition in even the harshest environments. The heavy-duty construction, Quad Spring overload protection and outstanding electronics have been proven in thousands of demanding real world applications.

• The Excel Series digital scales and indicators along with the Excelerator data collection program provide a turnkey solution to determine not only the peak weight or force, but also to collect and manage this data with the power and flexibility of the most popular spreadsheet program around.

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