Eliminate Traditional Wire Runs with SendIt and TranSend

Rice Lake’s SendIt™ and MSI’s TranSend™ are now in stock and ready to order. By reading the signal from a load cell or junction box and sending data wirelessly to a receiving indicator, SendIt and TranSend eliminate traditional wire runs.

Rice Lake SendIt is a simple point-to-point wireless load cell interface. The transmitter has a single A/D input and the receiver has a single mV/V output and can interface with nearly any make or model of digital weight indicator. It is powered with 5 VDC that can be supplied either by a rechargeable external battery or a wall adapter. The transmitters and receivers can be ordered separately or as a pair. The paired set is factory-matched and calibrated, and is ready to wirelessly communicate right out of the box. It will also include a load cell cable and an indicator cable; the power source must be ordered separately.

TranSend is more robust, offering several different power input options and the capability to utilize internal relays. Transmitters can have either a single A/D input or up to four A/D inputs. Receivers can provide either a single mV/V output or an analog output signal. Due to a wide variety of configurations, a part number is not available for a paired set; everything will be sold à la carte.

Both SendIt and TranSend can be paired at the factory upon request, or they can be paired in the field with a free to download PC program, ScCMP.