Seca Directprint – Wireless Weight Information for Patients at Doctors Office

Many times when a person goes to the Physicians Office, all the person does is step on the digital scale (or mechanical scale) and the nurse writes down the individuals body weight. Then not much at all is said about the patients weight. At this point, the nurse might check the person’s height but often times will just confirm what is in their medical record.Then once the patient sees the doctor, they may or may not mention the weight, usually it depends on time restraints or what the appointment is actually related to. Wouldn’t it be nice for the patient to automatically get a targeted print-out sheet of their weight along with Body Mass Index information and recommendations to improve their BMI?

seca directprint medical scales

The seca directprint is the ideal tool for raising awareness about maintaining a healthy weight. Not only does it tell your patients their height, weight and BMI, but it compiles their measurements into an easy-to-read one page printout which includes sound information and tips on weight management. In seconds, it provides the ideal ice-breaker for your overweight patients by drawing attention to the subject of overweight and obesity without making them feel uncomfortable.

This removes inhibitions, makes people more willing to talk, and motivates your patients in the long term to tackle the subject more rigorously and do something about it. This in turn can generate economic benefits for your practice, since you can now offer additional services.