What Does a Counting Scale Do?

When you’re seeking solutions for increased efficiency and productivity. A counting scale can be a great choice. But, what exactly does a counting scale do?

We’re going to take a look at what a counting scale actually does

First, let’s define what a counting scale is. Counting scales are used for counting the same items, like bolts for example. As for how to use a counting scale, when a group of identical items are placed on the platform of a parts counting scale, the scale can determine the average piece weight and the scale display shows how many pieces are on the platform. Consider the human effort involved to count small items like screws or washers.

With a counting scale, this task requires just a few seconds of time. This leads to highly accurate parts counting results. Compare this to counting parts out by hand, which is virtually guaranteed to include human error. Remember when you were a child sitting on the floor counting pennies? It took time, and then even more time when you lost count and had to start over again! Consider a counting scale the industrial solution for saving time while providing extremely efficient counting accuracy.


Nearly every industry manager knows that maintaining accurate inventory counts and stock management can lead to more efficient order processing and hopefully increase profits. For example, your scale can check the quantity of parts in a carton of 500 pieces in just seconds without the potential of human error. Maybe you have a box of 10,000 parts that requires packaging into 50 piece packages. This task can be accomplished with what’s called check counting. The function is as simple as the user watching the scale to see when the predetermined count has been reached.

what does a counting scale do

Choosing the Correct Counting Scales for Small Parts

Let’s mention some factors that you need to consider when purchasing a counting scale. First, think about the average weight of the items being counted. This is one of the biggest mistakes counting scale buyers make. If you’re looking to count really tiny o-rings or resistors, then you probably shouldn’t buy a large 200-lb counting scale. A 10-lb capacity might make more sense. Make sure that you choose a capacity and a readability that can accommodate the items that you are counting, how large is the largest box that you will place on the electronic counting scale? Choose a platform that can accommodate that.

Options & Accessories for Digital Counting Scales

What are your connectivity needs? Do you need a label printer? Do you need battery power, so you can carry the scale around to different locations?  Or do you need to add a large industrial floor scale for weighing and counting larger quantities? Finally, don’t be afraid to work together with us to determine what model of counting scale is best for your particular situation. You can complete our RFQ form on our site or call us (919) 776-7737