Heat Resistant Crane Scales

Why do I need a heat resistant crane scale? 

Operations regularly exposed to extreme temperatures need equipment designed to withstand those extremes, including overhead weighing systems. Crane scales used in foundries or rubber processing facilities must be heat resistant to ensure proper operation and capture accurate weights.

heat resistant crane scale

What is a heat resistant crane scale?

Heat-resistant crane scales are constructed with heavy-duty enclosures to protect sensitive electronics. When preparing to purchase a heat-resistant crane scale, it’s important to consider the most extreme temperatures of your operation to ensure you select a scale designed to withstand those temperatures.

Most heat-resistant crane scales also need a heat shield to help protect the equipment from extreme heat. Heat shields can be made from mild or stainless steel and are typically disc-shaped. You may need to speak to your scale distributor or the scale manufacturer to ensure the shield meets your requirements. Heat shields also help block vapors and fumes, helping prevent moisture damage as well. 

Most MSI crane scale models have an LED weight display built-in so operators can view weight data from a distance. Some overhead crane scales don’t have a built-in weight display, making them better suited for super-high-temperature applications because sensitive components are completely protected from heat. These types of overhead crane scales must be wirelessly connected to a remote display, cell phone, tablet, or computer to monitor scale weight data.

If extremely high temperatures are a regular part of your daily operations, then you need to trust your weighing equipment will withstand the demands of your business. We offer heat-resistant digital hanging scales and remote display options ideal for high-heat facilities. Please visit our RFQ page to contact us about overhead weighing solutions for your particular application.