Truck Scales by Cardinal

Cardinal’s low profile EPR vehicle scale consists of modules fabricated to minimize height and maximize strength. Heavy-duty structural tubing is placed in strategic locations to support vehicle loading. Utilizing Cardinal’s double-ended shear beam load cell, the EPR allows for unobstructed freedom in the weighbridge. Easy access to load cells and wiring from the sides make installation and maintenance a snap!

Cardinal EPR SERIES Low-Profile Pitless TRUCK SCALES … Over 70 years of scale design expertise are incorporated into these scales. Interlocking yoke and pin means fast, “No-Bolt” assembly; easy access to load cells and wiring makes installation and maintenance a snap. Installation is not only fast and easy, but also inexpensive. Select from a wide variety of popular capacities and platform sizes available in both Cardinal’s checkered steel deck or the pour-in-place concrete deck models.Choose an EPR with either a concrete deck or steel deck.