Most of the time it pays to stick with the name brand

Every now and then we all are tempted to go with a “no name” item as opposed to a proven product that is made by a manufacturer that you know.  Whether it is a food product, clothes, television or yes….even a scale, there are “no name” products out there. Most of course are imported from overseas.  In fact, in today’s world of cheap imports, they are definitely out there.  Some pretty good…some alright and some are downright awful.  How do you know what you’ll ultimately get from overseas if there is no US manufacturer to oversee and demand quality?

The point of today’s entry is that sometimes even though the no name products sound good and are a great value, you have to think about the long haul.  In the long run how is that product going to stack up against the known item?  A lot of the no name or names you’ve never heard of don’t really have a track record at all.  So, you really don’t have a definite idea how good the item will be.  Compare that to the proven balances from Ohaus. To sum up the entry today, we were talking with a scale distributor in the US and he told us of a decision he made to stop offering a certain product that he was importing from overseas.  The reason?  Quality.