Physical Inventory doesn’t have to be difficult

If you only need scales during inventory or peak-use periods, a Central Carolina Scale rental plan may be the right solution for you. You also save maintenance and storage costs while selecting the exact scales needed from our extensive inventory. We can help you choose the right scale choices for your individual rental requirements. The results will help you achieve an accurate and efficient physical inventory.

Eliminate the need for additional investment.
Eliminate scale maintenance, up-keep, and storage costs
Reduce the man hours required to count inventory.
Allow you to get your operation back to normal faster.

It’s true, time is money. This old adage is especially true when it comes to taking inventory or handling special projects. Customers want to get the job done quickly and efficiently at a fair price with equipment that they can count on to be accurate. This is where Central Carolina Scale and our line of precision rental counting scales comes into play. Whether it be a stand-alone parts counting system or one interfaced to a floor scale for heavier piece counting applications, we have the solution you need. No more manual counting or hoping that the numbers are correct. Don’t worry about an upfront investment for a short-term application of equipment.

counting scale for rent
Our rental counting scales provide piece of mind with the advanced microprocessor technology that allow jobs that once took hours to complete now only minutes to master. Having the ability to electronically count large numbers of parts in virtually seconds – everything from minuscule components to large castings – makes the variety of its uses endless.

Renting alleviates maintenance and service issues. When you rent, you get all of the conveniences of ownership and none of the hassles. Rental scales reduce the time required to count or weigh inventory. Rentals free up your employees providing for more productivity. They help employers get their business operation back to normal more quickly and easily while eliminating maintenance costs.

Finally, with the economic conditions currently in such a slump, rental scales eliminate the need of extending additional capital investments. Contact the rental scale department at Central Carolina Scale today to set up your annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly physical inventory today.  Supplies are limited, so contact the rental department early to lock in the dates you need. Call (919) 776-7737