What will it cost me if I don’t buy a good scale?

Choosing the right scale and the right scale company for your application is extremely important. Whether you are looking for a small Ohaus balance or a large Rice Lake 80 foot long Truck Scale, you can save a lot of time and headaches by choosing the right company from the start. Even in today’s tough economy, consumers need to understand the total cost of ownership. For example, downtime often is the most significant cost incurred in industrial settings. In operations like landfills, aggregates, and quarries, many vehicle scales act as the “cash register.” If the scale isn’t working, money isn’t made. Downtime results in loss. This includes lost production, lost revenue, wasted/unused labor and additional service costs. How serious can it be? For a busy asphalt plant, that number can easily exceed $10,000 per hour in lost revenue.

Ultimately, will it save your company money by not buying a scale and just “guessing” the weights for shipping? Will you really be more efficient and reduce labor cost by constantly driving to/from and loading and/or unloading a Floor Scale verses buying a mobile Fork Lift Scale or pallet jack scale? In today’s economy saving money and spending wisely is important. You need to consult with scale experts who can recommend the best weighing solution for your business. The right tool for you may be something as simple as adding a UPS shipping scale to your shipping process or it may be buying a 70 foot long truck scale is just what you really need. Sometimes all it takes is one transaction to challenge the freight company and the difference in charges almost pays for the scale.