Scale Service Agreements Give Piece of Mind And Save Money

If your business in central North Carolina depends on pallet scales, lab balances, or weighing something, then hopefully you have some kind of calibration or scale service agreement in place to calibrate and maintain your scale equipment. If you don’t have a plan, you really need to contact Central Carolina Scale immediately for a quote. Many times when money is scarce and the economy is unsteady, the “plan” a lot of folks try to use is merely to use your scales until they need to be re-calibrated or repaired. Would you adopt this plan for your car or boat? This plan could work, but you know how it goes… if you don’t get your scale checked regularly, the one day you need it most is probably going to be the day the scale has some kind of a freak issue. Companies that can’t afford for their scales to be out of comission, usually have them calibrated and / or maintained on a regular basis.  Scales that are maintained regularly last longer, work better, and break down less often. As part of your maintenance plan, it is popular for scale companies to offer a Service Contract, also known as a Service Agreement.  It’s a win-win for both parties. Service Agreements can be a great value for three key reasons. 

  1. Consistent Inspections — The first advantage is that your equipment is being checked regularly by someone who understands scales. The Central Carolina Scale Service Tech has a vast amount of experience when it comes to working on various types of scales. Even a simple visual check can sometimes reveal current or possible future problems with your equipment, saving you down time and return service trips.
  2. Accuracy & Calibration — The most important element of a scale check is the actual weight test when the scale technician places certified test weights on to the scale to determine whether or not the item is weighing accurately. If the scale is out of tolerance, a re-calibration is done, helping you maintain accurate weights.
  3. Fixed Price — Service Agreement prices are lower than standard scale service calls for several reasons. The work being performed is relatively straight forward, travel time is being shared by more than one client in some cases, and there are less “surprises” than you would normally see on a brand new job or on a trouble call.  So you know  how much each visit will cost up front because the work to be done is pre-determined by the service agreement standard.

Central Carolina Scale likes to give our service customers the best value possible. It’s been that way for over 30 years.  For most of our customers especially those that must have their weighing equipment working well and can not afford to have broken down scales, that means quoting a service agreement is a must. For scale repair and service, Central Carolina Scale is always just a phone call away.