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Service - Central Carolina Scale PLANNED MAINTENANCE PROGRAM

Planned Maintenance Program Customers enjoy many benefits like Reduced Labor Charges, Lower Mileage Rates, Priority Scheduling, and more!

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When your scale needs to be calibrated, we can handle that promptly & efficiently with NIST traceable standards and documentation. Emergency loaner and rental scale equipment is available to keep your operation running. Almost all scale manufacturers recommend some type of periodic calibration and maintenance routine for your digital and mechanical scales and balances to be performed throughout the year.

Central Carolina Scale can help you set up and maintain these important checkups, so that your scale service and calibration schedules are followed properly. Our state certified scale technicians arrive prepared to provide these essential services, ensuring your scales are weighing accurately. Complete documentation will be provided, usually the same day.

service contract for scalesHave your scales been certified lately?

You may be surprised at how affordable it is to have the accuracy of your devices assured year round. Let us provide you a quote. Call (919) 776-7737

We used to call this a service agreement for monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual calibration intervals but nobody wants to be in a contract, so we did away with that terminology. Then we referred to it as a "preferred" customer program, which kind of implies that we prefer one customer over someone else which wasn't ideal. So let's call it a Planned Maintenance Program.

As a Planned Maintenance Program customer; calibration and repair services are performed throughout the year at certain agreed upon intervals. At your direction, we can notify you of upcoming scheduled calibrations to ensure the time is convenient for you and the equipment is available to be checked.

Planned Maintenance Program customers, can easily budget scale maintenance at a fixed cost for an entire year. This includes charges for scheduled calibrations with travel costs. Also, if you need to set up a service call, you will benefit from reduced labor rates and reduced mileage charges.



The benefits of being a Planned Maintenance Program customer are typically:

* Accurate Scales
* Working Knowledge of your scales and your weighing process
* Potentially catching a component that is about to fail & replacing the item
* Increased Accuracy & Potential downtime reductions
* Cost savings on Labor & Mileage
* Priority Scheduling



ensure scale accuracy throughout the year

We sell and service most of the top brands of scales in the industry like Rice Lake - Digi - Adam Equipment - Doran - CAS - UWE - Intercomp - GSE- Weighsouth Medical - Thurman - Ohaus - Pennsylvania - Salter Brecknell - Transcell - Cardinal - Detecto - Condec UMC - Prime - Optima - Tufner - Seca - Mettler Toledo - Sartorius - Avery Weigh-Tronix - A&D -- Customer Feedback


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