Zemic Load Cell Wiring and Part Numbers

At Central Carolina Scale, we have a wide range of standard load cells in stock. If you’re looking for custom load cells, we can get quotes on those, usually within one business day.  We also provide weighing assemblies used in tank weighing and batching systems and bulk weighing applications. With over 30,000 quality items available in stock, nobody offers faster, more reliable load cells for your applications. From small tension sensors to 1,000,000 lb capacity truck scale and tank weighing assemblies, we have solutions to fit any need. Our extensive inventory of equipment and accessories means you can get your replacement or new load cell quickly.

Zemic Load Cell Wiring

We currently offer the lineup of Zemic load cells through one of our top suppliers Brecknell Scales. The lineup of Brecknell load cells and supporting products from Zemic are ideal for many weighing applications that you may encounter. The full range of Zemic load cells should compliment and support your service and original equipment requirements. Be sure to visit our site which includes all the Brecknell loadcell info you need. This will also show the load cell wiring color codes for each load cell as well. The types of load cells include S-beam, Single end beam, Double end beam, Single point, Canister, and accessories like load cell feet and summing boards. Many of the Brecknell load cells are interchangeable with the “brand name” load cells that you’re used to. So if your normal brand name load cell is out of stock or has a longer lead time than you would prefer, contact us and ask for the equivalent Brecknell (Zemic) replacement load cell.

It can be a little tricky to understand the Zemic load cell part numbers but this part number brochure should help you understand what all the letters and numbers mean in the load cell part number. Basically, the first letter in the part number stands for the load cell material.

H= Alloy Steel
B= Stainless Steel
L= Aluminum

The next number refers to the type and structure. It is listed as the following:

2: Spoke
3: S-Beam
6: Single Point
8: Single Shear Beam
9: Dual Shear Beam
11: Single Point with Bellow
14: Column type
16: Dual Parallel Beam

That gives you an idea of how the Zemic part numbers work. For a more detailed look at the Zemic part numbers, you can see the complete naming system by clicking the pdf link in the paragraph above. It also goes over the load cell protection ratings such as IP66.  Also, the Zemic load cell cross reference guide is a very helpful tool for picking the correct replacement load cell for your application. Many of the popular brands and models of load cells are shown in the reference guide. If you have any questions or would like to try one of these load cells, give our sales team a call at (919) 776-7737.