Looking for the Price on a 60×11 Truck Scale for Weighing Tanker Trucks

Today we’re going to go in depth and actually put together a truck scale quote for weighing a tanker truck. So we recently received a request from a customer regarding a truck scale. The customer was looking for the price on a 60×11 truck scale for weighing tanker trucks and asked for a quote for an above ground truck scale with at least 100,000 lb. capacity, 60 foot long and 11 foot wide, which they say is just enough for one tanker truck.

Ok, then let’s get that priced out for you. Now, as we always try to mention with these truck scale quotes and scale terminology blog posts, please be aware that these are just estimates and they are not exact figures and pricing is subject to change. We’re simply giving you an idea of what kind of pricing to expect based on current year numbers. And it’s quite possible to possibly get some pricing breaks or discounts depending on when you are reading this and/or looking to order.

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Truck Scale Foundation

Ok, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s take a look at the costs. You’ll need to get your concrete foundation poured. The most cost effective way to do that is probably to have your own contractor pour the concrete costs for foundations can vary, but it might be somewhere between $18,000 to $28,000.

60×11 Truck Scale Freight

Freight to ship your scale from the manufacturer to you is likely somewhere around $3000. Keep in mind, freight will vary depending on where the scale ships from and where it’s shipping to. Also, you will need to have a crane to offload the scale. You can supply that crane to cut costs if needed.

60×11 Truck Scale Prices

A lot of folks think they’ll save a bunch of money if they buy a smaller truck scale. Yes, you will save some money (~$65K vs $69K). Your actual 60 x 11 steel deck truck scale should likely cost somewhere around $65,000 at the time of this video. But you will have a smaller vehicle scale than what most people consider the standard size. In fact, I have to mention the size of the platform.

Most customers choose a 70 x 11 and you might want to consider this just in case. The cost difference isn’t all that much overall. I know you mentioned that you’re weighing a tanker truck, but you never know when you might have to weigh longer trucks one day. And, depending on the lifespan of the truck scale, there’s also the resale might be easier or more profitable if you chose a larger platform. Ok. I just had to mention that… Continuing on with your 60 x 11 truck scale.


Truck Scale Accessories

The accessories that you’ll need include the following things. Your side rails for the 60 x 11 are approximately $5000 or so. The digital weight indicator along with the remote display and ticket printer is probably around $4000. And finally the professional truck scale installation and calibration charge is probably somewhere around $4000.

60 x 11 100K Truck Scale Costs

You add it all up. The costs are somewhere around $110,000 or so for a 60 x 11 above ground steel deck truck scale for weighing tanker trucks. Please keep in mind that is for the scale and related equipment. You will also probably need to supply some type of scale house or building near the scale that will have lights and power.

I hope this entry was informative for anyone looking for the price on a 60×11 truck scale for weighing tanker trucks. If you’re located in Central North Carolina and you’re looking for a truck scale, be sure to contact us for a quote and/or buying advice.