How Much Does a Waterproof Scale Cost?

Today we’re going to discuss how much a wash down scale costs. Wait, is it waterproof or wash down? First, a little disclaimer. Some customers like to call these scales “waterproof” which is why we use it in our title. However, that term is not quite accurate. The scales we sell are called “wash down safe” and typically have an IP rating usually somewhere between IP66 and IP69K.

cw-90x check weigh scale for commercial fishing

Stainless Steel Washdown Scales

Basically a washdown scale is designed to be water resistant and easily cleaned after use. The components of a washdown scale are typically constructed of stainless steel. In choosing a new washdown scale for your business, the quality of the components often plays a huge role in the cost.

Stainless Steel Scale Platform Costs

For example, in a standard bench scale, one way to lower the cost would be to use a stainless steel cover and a painted steel scale base. Another way to lower the cost is to use an aluminum load cell instead of stainless steel cell or a hermetically sealed load cell. If you’re in a food processing setting, you should probably be using a stainless steel scale system designed to handle the rigors of daily cleaning. The scale base or platform is available in various sizes and capacities.

At the time of this entry, a high quality 12″ x 12″ wash down scale platform costs around $800 to $1300. And this would likely include a IP66 aluminum load cell. Upgrading to a stainless steel load cell could be an additional $300 to $500 or more.

Stainless Steel Washdown Scale Controller

Of course, the item that you see the most when you’re using the scale is a digital weight indicator. If you’re looking for a wash down scale, we recommend that you choose a stainless steel scale indicator with at least an IP66 rating (IP68 or IP69K if possible). The indicators for washdown scales should be sealed to prevent water from entering. You will want a weight indicator that can not only withstand pressure washing, but also that can handle drastic temperature changes from hot to cold. An indicator that is best suited for a wash down environment will usually cost $800 to $1500 or so depending on the indicator enclosure and its features.


Washdown Scale Prices

So when you add all of this together, a good quality stainless steel washdown scale system with a 12 x 12 platform and IP69K rated indicator could have a total cost of around $2000 depending on platform sizes capacities and more. I hope this video has helped you choose the right washdown scale for your needs. Make sure you look at the IP rating of both the scale base and digital indicator. If you need assistance or product recommendations,  we are just a phone call away. Be sure to contact us when you are in the market for wash down scales.