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Food and Beverage Weighing

The food industry spans many different businesses and production methods, from farming to food processing and beverage production to food waste. However, hygiene, food safety, regulatory compliance, consistent quality and efficient production are drivers for every business in the food industry.

Our top suppliers like Doran Scales, Avery Weigh-Tronix, and Rice Lake Weighing Systems have weighing scales and solutions for all the stages of food production, from farm to fork. We can help you ensure optimum productivity and yield while maintaining quality standards and regulatory compliance.

Beverage Production and Packaging - Weighing scales and systems add information and control to your beverage production and packaging operation.

Brewery and Winery Scales - Many local beer breweries or winery facilities use tanks to brew their delicious products. A tank mount weighing module kit can increase accuracy and recipe consistency when calibrated to a digital weight indicator. Meanwhile, conveyor scales can increase productivity.

Fresh Food - Avery Weigh-Tronix’s weighing scales and systems help the fresh food processing industry maintain productivity and food safety while ensuring regulatory compliance and minimizing food waste. Brecknell provides a variety of produce scales that are both accurate and legal for trade.

Food Processing and Production Weighing scales and systems help the food processing industry monitor production and minimize waste. "Waterproof" scales aka washdown are a great choice for this environment typically.

Food Waste Weighing scales and systems from can provide accurate weight and tracking information for food waste collectors and processors.

Frozen Yogurt by the ounce - This industry has evolved to where customers expect to pay exactly for what they consume. So demand is high for froyo price per ounce scale in many locations. 


  • weigh-tronix-weigh-legs-conveyor-scale.jpg
    Avery Weigh-Tronix Weigh Legs Conveyor ScaleAvery Weigh-Tronix Weigh Leg frames are weighing elements that can create a scale out of any conveyor section either static or in-motion, carbon steel or stainless. AWTX offers stand alone to retrofit existing conveyors or all system components including conveyors to build the needed system for your application.
  • salter-brecknell-dcsb-floor-scale-sb521.jpg
    Brecknell DCSB Floor Scale SystemBrecknell DCSB system includes an IP65 rated mild steel general purpose weighing platform with alloy tool steel potted load cells. Factory calibrated with SBI-521 LED indicator or SBI-240 indicator and interface cable. Choices of sizes and capacities. NTEP legal for trade.
  • doran-fc6300-formula-control-scale.jpg
    Doran FC-6300 Formula Control ScaleWhat would it be like to be in total control? Imagine saving at least 2.1% of your yearly ingredient costs. What would that be worth to you? Doranís FC6300 Formula Control System puts you in total control and can pay for itself in four months or less.
  • rice-lake-rl9000twm-tank-hopper-weighing.jpg
    Weigh Modules - RL9000TWM Series Tank, Hopper & Vessel Weighing AssemblyRice Lake RL9000TWM Series stainless steel weigh module is ideal for use in tank, hopper, vessel, and many other applications. The low-profile design offers an economical solutions in a competitive market place. The stainless steel construction and welded seal offer additional protection in washdown areas.
  • rice-lake-380-battery-powered-scale-readout
    Rice Lake 380X Washdown Scale ControllerRice Lake 380X Synergy Series is a washdown indicator designed for demanding environments. The 304 stainless steel enclosure has an IP69K rating, ensuring sensitive electronics are protected from washdown processes in a variety of applications.
  • Bench-NTEP.jpg
    Rice Lake CW-90 Over/Under CheckweigherEase of use, real time data collection, and rugged stainless steel construction make the CW-90 the equipment of choice for operators, quality control and maintenance departments. Enjoy the convenience of a full numeric keypad.

We offer a comprehensive selection of weighing equipment for food production facilities. From weighing grain and feed management to food processing and portioning, our selection of Rice Lake weighing products bring efficiency and accuracy to the food production, quality and compliance table. With several products available for heavy washdown environments which are important in produce, meat and poultry processing, these solutions help manufacturers keep operations within sanitary requirements.

SURVIVOR® truck scales are designed for maximum durability and accuracy—two factors essential to grain transfer stations. SURVIVOR’s superior weighbridge design yields from 70,000 to 140,000 pounds Concentrated Load Capacity (CLC) (depending on model), ensuring the strength needed for large-scale grain weighing and processing. The SURVIVOR Grain Dump model is a custom-made truck scale with dump-through grating. The Grain Dump model’s ability to allow incoming trucks to weigh their load, unload the grain through the grating and then refill the truck. All of this happens on the same scale which is quick and efficient to say the least.

Many food and beverage businesses rely on our bag filling scales for accurate filling of things like coffee beans for example.

In a production facility, weighing product throughout operations is a key step to ensuring strict quality and classification compliance. For raw food material handling and processing, Rice Lake’s RoughDeck® HE floor scale weighs food containers on its stainless steel deck specifically designed for corrosion resistance and long life in demanding washdown applications. Its smartly built construction keeps sensitive electronics far from damaging chemicals, moisture and food build-up for dependable, accurate weighing throughout production.

For static, heavy washdown and HACCP-required processes, Rice Lake CW-90X over/under checkweigher brings advanced weighing features and efficiency to the production line. The CW-90X offers stainless steel construction and an extra-strength piezo keypad made to withstand sharp knife-point contacts. With an IP69K rating to survive daily sanitary washdowns along with its NSF certification, the CW-90X assures the highest level of compliance and safety in food production weighing.

Rice Lake’s broad selection of bench scale models designed to withstand the rigors of frequent moisture contact and industrial cleaning processes are ideal for hostile and washdown food production environments. The BenchMark™ HE bench scale features a stainless steel construction and a stainless steel IP69K hermetically sealed load cell. From ready-to-eat food processing and packaging to market direct-sale counters and everything in between, Rice Lake’s Versa-portion® bench scale offers ultimate versatility for food production. With an IP68 rating and stainless steel construction, the Versa-portion RLP-S is ideal for sanitary environments. For retail weighing, the Torrey LPC40L electronic price computing scale has become very popular.

Food labs and high-value food processing applications require precise, sanitary weighing. The sleek, stainless steel housing of Rice Lake’s TS Series balance offers exceptional IP65-rated durability and precision food weighing. Unique tuning fork technology enables high-speed response time with stable and reliable results.

These items provide dependable accuracy, durable longevity, and strict sanitary and washdown compliance. These products help manufacturers enhance operations, meet quality checks and optimize your bottom line.