Trailer Tongue Weight Scale Choices

In this entry we are going to discuss the recommended weighing methods when it comes to a trailer tongue weight scale choices. We’ll also look at a few of the other solutions that our portable wheel weighing scales can provide. 

Portable Wheel Load Scale Rental

You could purchase a tongue weight scale or you could rent our portable scales. There’s a variety of models available. One way to determine the trailer tongue weight is to rent three portable wheel weigh scales. Then place a scale under your two trailer tires and a scale at the trailer tongue area.

PT300 Portable Wheel Weigher Scale

How to Build a Trailer Tongue Weight Scale

If you have done any  research on different ways to obtain the trailer tongue weight then it’s only natural to try and find a way to build your own trailer tongue weight scale. A quick search online will show various methods from using a bathroom scale to hydraulic hitch mounts to a column scale with a spring.

How to Determine Trailer Tongue Weight at a Commercial Scale

Our first recommendation is probably to use the portable wheel weighing scales we mentioned above, either by purchase or rental. However, if that doesn’t work for you, probably our next best recommendation would simply be to take your vehicle and trailer to a nearby truck scale.

Truck scales can be found at truck stops, public landfills, metal recycling centers, rock quarries, etc….  One website that often comes in handy when trying to locate public scales is  — Now keep in mind, it’s a good idea to call ahead and make sure the facility will weigh your vehicle and there will likely be a small fee charged when using a commercial truck scale.

If you choose to use a public scale, make sure your trailer is fully loaded just like it would be on your trip. You are going to get the weight of your vehicle only while under load. First, drive all four tires of your vehicle on the scale while your trailer is attached (do not drive your trailer on the scale with your vehicle)  Now, write down the weight. 

While the vehicle is still on the scale, unhook the trailer and lift the tongue jack high enough so that there is no weight on the hitch ball. Be sure that no part of the trailer is on the scale. This is the weight of your tow vehicle. Write down this weight as well.

Now, subtract the two weights from each other to give you your approximate tongue weight.

Finally, it might be a good idea to drive on the scale and get a total complete weight of the trailer, and/or total weight of your tow vehicle and trailer. 

wheel scales for RV

Camper Club Uses PT300DW Portable Scales to Raise Awareness in “Know What You Weigh” Campaign

On a related note to trailer tongue weight scales, an overloaded motorhome is a safety issue that affects driving stability, braking distance and tire wear. Exceeding the maximum weight limit stated on the motorhome’s registration certificate can also lead to substantial fines. In the Netherlands, you may drive a vehicle with a Class B driver’s license if the maximum weight limit, including passengers, luggage, water and fuel tank, is less than 3500 kilograms (7700 lb).

As a service to their members, NKC offered a series free events encouraging campers to weigh their vehicles prior to traveling. Under the motto “Know What You Weigh”, the NKC invited participants to come to a weighing site with loaded, ready-to-travel campers. Because they were hosting multiple events at various sites, they needed a portable option for weighing the vehicles. The local scale company suggested Intercomp’s PT300DW
portable truck scales as the ideal solution for the camper weighing events.

PT300DW scales are built with lightweight aluminum, making them easy to transport and set up virtually anywhere. The flexibility of the PT300DW portable scales supports a wide range of applications and axle configurations. Fully integrated RFX Wireless Weighing Technology
facilitates communication between scales and a variety of remote indicators.

All PT300DW™ scales feature progressive solar charging technology which allows the commercially-available AA rechargeable batteries to be powered for up to one year with daytime, outdoor use. A series of 2021 weighing events revealed approximately one third of the motorhomes were overloaded. 

Loading & Unloading Truck Scales

Finally, it’s worth mentioning on a larger scale, filling a trailer with bulk items, like scrap metal, requires continuous monitoring. Once the weight of a trailer and its contents hit a pre-determined value, that trailer is ready to be hauled away. Continuous weight monitoring not only maximizes the waste disposal process due to fewer disposal runs but can simultaneously confirm axle weight and gross vehicle weight (GVW) compliance.

Our Intercomp AX900 along with PT300 scales, provide accurate weighing and measurement solutions for loading and unloading. If you have specific questions regarding our static or WIM scale options, contact us for more information.

Weight Compliance Benefits – Keeps trucks in compliance with commercial vehicle weight restrictions, which can save significant amounts of money that would otherwise be spent on fines.

Safety Benefits – When loading and unloading a truck, knowing vehicle weights before, during and after will assist in providing a safe, reliable, and compliant vehicle.

Wrapping things up, we hope this entry regarding trailer tongue weight scale options has been helpful to you. As you can see, there are several options available from renting scales, to using nearby commercial scales, to even building your own scales. Be sure to contact our sales department with any questions you may have regarding trailer hitch tongue weight scales.