Price versus quality

I had to write this entry based on the last couple of weeks.  We here at CCS always try to stay on top of the newest trends…especially when it comes to scales.  So I had a new lower priced import scale shipped in here so we could evaluate it.

Every distributor in all kinds of industries attempt to come up with lower priced items to offer their customers in addition to the standard high quality items.  If you do find a new low priced item to offer, it could mean more sales, larger market share, happier customers, etc… and etc…. However, over the last couple of years, I’ve found that more and more of these “low cost” import options have some serious issues.

Many arrive in marginal packaging. Many arrive weighing incorrectly. Many don’t hold calibration. Many don’t function or operate like their supposed to. And many, many require the user to practically know a foreign language to be able to read the manual.

The point of the entry is this. We will always try to offer you nice, affordable, reliable, economical scale options. Even our most trusted scales and brands (both domestic and import) fail from time to time. However, if we don’t feel a item(s) is up to a certain standard, we’re not going to offer it.  Sure, it may cost us a few sales from time to time…. but we want our customer’s to have scales that are economical and reliable and for our customer’s to feel they got the best “balance” of value and performance.