New Product Enhances ADAM EQUIPMENT’S Line of Balances

The new PGL weighing balance, one of Adam Equipment’s newest products, is designed to provide customers with a heavy duty balance that can withstand the rigors of field or factory work, as well as the demanding laboratory and classroom setting. With its all-metal casing and large LCD readout with date and time, Adam Equipment PGL balances combine the solid construction and fundamental features of a high-precision top loader with the simple operation of a portable balance.

The portable PGL scales are ideal for many applications and are ideal for lab and field use as well as equally suitable for a school or university. Adam PGL balances come with ShockProtectTM overload, three-point protection that safe guards the balance from over loads, application modes for parts counting, percentage weighing, specific gravity / density determination and check weighing as well as 9 weighing units including one custom unit. The standard RS-232 allows communications to printers and computers and the keypad has color-coded keys for quick recognition. A built in rechargeable battery pack allows the balance to be used wherever and whenever needed. The PGL comes standard with both the built-in battery and AC adapter. With several models in the range with capacities x readability combinations from 200g by 0.001g to 20,000g by 0.1g, the PGL offers the most complete balance for a large selection of applications. As always, you can purchase your PGL balances from us at or by calling (919) 776-7737