Floor Scales 101 the Fine Print or should we say chinese print?

From time to time we hear from folks asking us about 4’x4′ floor scale systems priced well under $800 with FREE SHIPPING.  Can you truly get a quality 4’x4′ floor scale system for that price?  OR LESS!   Just take a stroll around the internet and you see all kinds of offers.  Well as it turns out, we happened to get a couple of these beauties in our shop to look at.   By the way, they were brought in for repair.

First, almost all of these low cost floor scales are not the size they are promoted to be.  They’re 44″x44″ or 47″x47″.  And that is just the top plate. Once you measure the actual supported frame underneath the top deck plate, that low cost “4×4″ floor scale that you thought was such a great deal is now really a 46″ x 46”.  One of the scales we had in our possession had no label on it.  Who manufacturers these floor scales? Are they built and calibrated overseas and then imported by the hundreds, & stored in a container? Who is in charge of the quality control of these $400 4×4 floor scales?  Who fulfills the warranty?

The manuals that came with the scales we checked are pretty much useless, unless you can read chinese.  In fact, we have had people call us and say that they bought this ultra cheap floor scale but now it won’t calibrate.  We generally offer them one of our quality digital indicators with a manual in english.   Out of the two floor scales we looked at, one had proprietary components that can only be replaced by specifc parts that have to be sent from overseas.  That means more money you are going to have to spend and time you are going to waste waiting for parts to arrive.  Also, the other one had scrap pieces of steel used to form the side frame of the scale with welds right in the middle of the scale.  Not an ideal situation at all.

Based on our years of experience (at this time we’ve been in business going on 30 years) we think you’re better off in the long run buying one of our QUALITY floor scale systems.  Sure, it will probably definitely be more expensive but that’s because it is a better scale.  We only try to sell QUALITY floor scales by reputable scale mfg’s that you’ve heard of like Rice Lake, Pennsylvania, Salter Brecknell, and Avery Weigh-Tronix.  These are actual scale manufacturers that you can trust.  Call or email us and we will recommend the perfect floor scale for your application.  Order one of our high quality floor scales today.

BONUS!   We know where our floor scales are made and we know who made them.
ADDED BONUS!   You can actually read the manual that comes with the scale!
AND THERE’S MORE!    We actually have the spare parts available (if needed).