Avery Weigh-Tronix ZM305 Scale Indicator FAQ

We put together a top ten list of frequently asked questions on the Avery Weigh Tronix 305 and 305 GTN Inbound-Outbound Indicators. The ZM305 Standard weight indicator is ideal for floor scales, batching, vessels and for in motion conveyors. Meanwhile, the ZM305 GTN Inbound-Outbound model is ideal for use with Truck Scales and Weighbridges and offers users the ability to store Gross, Tare and Net weights against up to 1000 container/vehicle IDs, providing inbound/outbound weighing. This rugged indicator features a unique Harmonizer filtering system which corrects for environmental noise and vibration which commonly occur in these applications. Let’s take a look at the list below.

10.  The 305 series is comprised of 2 different products, what are they?
The first choice is the ZM305 Standard stainless steel IP69K desktop with multiple built-in weighing applications with IBN display. The second choice is the ZM305 GTN Inbound-Outbound stainless steel IP69K with IBN display (Great for truck scales)

9. What is an IBN display?
This display technology provides tremendous contrast between its illuminated digits and surrounding background. It is used within the automotive industry to improve viewing in both bright and dimly lit environments.

8. What power source is required?
These indicators can operate on 90-264 VAC (110-240 VAC nominal), 50 or 60 Hz, 12 to 36 VDC or from the optional external battery pack ZM-BAT.

7. How long will the optional external battery pack power the scale?
The external optional battery pack ZM-BAT utilizes (4) D cell batteries. Fresh batteries will maintain operation of a single weight sensor system for six hours, or a four weight sensor system for four hours, and one hour with systems with eight weight sensors. The ZQ-BAT option with auto shut-off has selectable sleep mode choices in the Supervisor menu which will extend battery life if enabled.

6. Is the IP69K stainless steel a standard feature and what exactly is IP69K?
The ZM305 is enclosed in a stainless steel assembly with a IP69K certified rating. IP69K is a worldwide recognized standard which defines ingress protection of the enclosure. The ZM305 indicators are certified by a third party to meet this standard. Tip: Do not be misled by brands that claim their products are designed or equal to IP69K.

5. How many weigh sensors (load cells) does the ZM305 support?
The ZM305 indicators can support up to (14) 350 ohm weigh sensors with 10 VDC excitation.

4. How many Truck ID records can be stored in the indicator database?
The ZM305 GTN database can store up to 1000 truck records. The records can be combined between Fleet and In/Out Trucks.

3. What information is stored in a Truck Record?
Each truck record can store the truck ID (up to 7 numeric digits) Gross, Tare, and Net Totals, number of Transactions, Fleet Truck Tare Weights, and the Inbound time/date and weight of any unfinished Truck In/Out Transactions.

2. Do the indicators have a built-in suite of operating applications?
Absolutely, the standard ZM305 can be configured to operate for the following situations.  Accumulation with two hundred separate registers to store and recall weight and transaction totals. Checkweighing with Under, Accept, Over status on multi-segment graph. Parts Counting to display the number or pieces on weighing platform. Peak Weighing to capture the maximum weight value. Process Control for mixing or filling with a status graph bar and set point controls. Remote Display, this can be connected to host devices providing remote key functions.

1. Are there any additional options available for the ZM305 series?
Options available include: Analog Output, Current Loop / RS485 / RS422, USB Device, Ethernet, Battery, Setpoints, Extreme Lightning protection.

There you have it, a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about the Avery Weigh-Tronix ZM305 series indicators. ZM305 Indicator is also very quick, sampling at 80 times per second, which is essential for accuracy when weighing in motion. It also features three standard set point outputs, and solutions for integration with peripherals for a wider system. Ideal for use in vehicle weighing applications, the ZM305 GTN Inbound-Outbound Indicator can be used for any application where container weights need to be recorded against a tare ID/register. The indicator’s database can store up to 1000 truck IDs, including gross, tare and net totals, number of transactions, fleet tare weights and in the inbound date/time of a vehicle. Operators have the ability to easily print or export reports showing in, out and fleet transactions. The ZM305 can connect with up to 14 analog weight sensors and its higher excitation voltage makes it suitable for applications that require scale input from multiple weight sensors at a long distance. The ZM305, like all Avery Weigh-Tronix indicators, is designed and built to stand up to hard industrial environments. This indicator has an IP69K stainless steel enclosure providing ultimate protection in wet and dusty environments.