Extreme weather and temperatures will cause issues for analog load cells. SmartCell® digital load cells provide the much-needed protection to prevent important internal components from failure.

ARMOR® load cells can operate in a wide range of temperatures. SmartCell® load cells are designed to function at high performance in a wide range of settings. Whether your scale is in an extreme environment or a location that has wildly fluctuating weather, SmartCell® digital load cells provide the stability needed to keep your scale weighing accurately.

SmartCell® digital load cells feature a much more simplified wiring system than an analog truck scale system. Generally, within an analog eightcell scale system there are up to 100 wires that have to be prepared and terminated correctly. Traditional analog wiring systems have several runs of wiring that can be exposed to the normal expansion and contraction caused by temperature fluctuations. SmartCell® digital load cells are connected point-to-point in a “daisy-chain” manner with shielded PVC cables; this reduced total wiring and greater wiring protection lessens the damaging effects of severe heat and cold on the ARMOR® digital truck scale system.

If your scale location is in an area that that experiences load cell and wiring failures due to extreme hot and cold temperatures, SmartCell® digital load cell’s innovative design provides the most protection and return on your investment.