Affordable Counting Scales for Small Businesses – Our Top Picks

Today we are going to hopefully answer any questions you have about recommended counting scales and current prices of electronic counting scales. We always focus on providing a good selection of affordable counting scales for small businesses on our website.

Best Counting Scales for Any Size Business

A counting scale can save you so much time versus counting parts out by hand. We’ve discussed this before regarding exactly how a counting scale works. A piece counting scale measures the weight of the items you place on the weighing platform and divides the weight by the number of pieces you entered to compute the average piece weight. Of course, the items that you are weighing have to be uniform in weight.

affordable counting scales for small business

Warehouse Counting Scale Prices

If you’ve done any research online, you’ve probably seen a wide range of prices when it comes to piece counting scales. We’ve seen prices that range from just a couple of hundred dollars all the way up to a couple of thousands of dollars!  Let’s take a closer look at all these numbers.

Generally the really low cost warehouse counting scales under $300 or so, are constructed of mostly plastic and can sometimes be difficult to use. We’ve also found that they tend to be less reliable since they’re designed to meet a certain price point. On the other hand, the high resolution parts counting scales that are several thousand dollars often include a lot of bells and whistles that you will likely not be interested in.

Where is the Best Place to Buy a Parts Counting Scale?

When it comes to purchasing electronic counting scales, it just makes good sense to work with your trusted scale company, Central Carolina Scale, to choose the right counting scale(s) for your business versus some material handling catalog or big mega website. We understand counting scales and work with them weekly. We know the best brands based on factors like price, ease of use, accuracy etc….  Also, we recommend top brands like A&D, Ohaus, and Rice Lake in addition to the ones we mention below.

Your material handling supplier works with cardboard boxes and tape. Often all they know is the part number for the scale. And, your popular mega website is busy shipping millions of boxes out all day and has no idea what a counting scale is.    

So you’re probably wondering what inventory counting scales do you recommend and how much are they?


Counting Scale Recommendations for Almost Any Budget

So, based on our experience over the years, if you’re looking for a good counting scale that is designed to count accurately, without breaking the bank, we recommend the WorldWeigh C100 counting weight scale. It’s currently priced well under $1000 and is a great value for various types of businesses.

If you’re looking for something that’s designed to be really rugged and is a little bit more expensive, then you should consider the counting scale lineup from Pennsylvania Scale Company. If ever, there was an “industrial” counting scale that could truly last you for decades. This is the one. The 7500 series features simple four button operation.  The 7600 series includes a full numeric keypad. The 7800 series includes an innovative touch screen design.  Each model is also available with a high resolution load cell for even better accuracy.

Counting Scales for Small Parts

Finally, if you’re looking for really high accuracy, take a look at the Avery Weigh-Tronix ZK830. This high resolution counting scale is currently priced under $2000 and it’s great for weighing really small components accurately. Think of these ZK830 scales like an industrial counting scale meets the accuracy of a lab balance.

We hope this affordable counting scales for small businesses article gives you some idea of the cost of a parts counting scale and some ideas about some good choices to consider purchasing. Contact our sales department to discuss your particular situation. You can reach us by calling (919) 776-7737 or you can complete the RFQ form on our website.