How to Choose the Right Battery-Powered Counting Scale for Your Fastener Manufacturing Company

Fastener manufacturing businesses require accurate and efficient counting scales to keep track of the quantity of small components. Choosing the right battery powered counting scale is essential for maximizing productivity, minimizing errors, and maintaining quality control. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a counting scale for keeping track of those small fasteners. 

Scale Capacity and Accuracy

The first factor to consider is the scale’s capacity and accuracy. You need a parts counting scale that can handle the weight of the components you are counting and provide precise measurements. The scale’s capacity should be large enough to handle the heaviest components you use, and its accuracy should be sufficient for your parts counting needs. That’s essentially how a counting scale works.

This is often a challenge as scale buyers want a large 100 pound weighing capacity with a super small 0.0001 pound readability.  We suggest working with your scale company to discuss what capacity and readability options exist and what’s realistic.

Sometimes purchasing one top of the line high resolution counting scale is ideal, while other times, it may make more sense to buy a couple of less expensive counting scales with different capacities to cover all of your different items that you’re counting.

high resolution counting scale for weighing fasteners and o-rings

Scale Platform Size and Portability

The scale’s size and portability are also important considerations. A compact scale is ideal if you have limited space in your workspace, while a larger scale may be necessary if you have a high volume of components to count. A portable scale is also useful if you need to move it around your manufacturing plant.

Counting Scale With Long Battery Life

A battery powered counting scale must have a long battery life to ensure continuous operation. The scale’s battery life should be sufficient to last for a full shift, and it should have a low-battery indicator to alert you when the battery needs to be recharged or replaced. Many counting scales are using rechargeable lead acid batteries these days. Lithium ion is probably coming in the near future. 

Counting Scales that are Easy to Use

Don’t underestimate the importance of this one. The counting scale should be easy to use and have intuitive counting scale instructions. The scale’s display should be easy to read, and the buttons should be easy to press. It should also have a user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly set up and start using the scale. This is also important when you’re training others to use the scale when the main scale operator is out or no longer there.

Scale Connectivity

If you need to integrate the counting scale with other equipment or software, consider a scale with connectivity options such as USB or RS232. This allows you to transfer data from the scale to other devices or software systems, such as inventory management software or a label printer.

Industrial counting scale for fasteners

Scale Durability and Maintenance

The precision counting scale must be durable and able to withstand the demands of a fast-paced manufacturing environment. It should be made of high-quality materials and have a robust design that can withstand impacts and vibrations. This is where you start to evaluate the industrial counting scale versus the ABS plastic counting scale.

Counting Scale Prices

If you search online, you can find counting scale prices everywhere from around $100 to $3000…. While it may be tempting to opt for the cheapest option, a low-cost scale will probably not meet your business’s long term needs when it comes to consistency and durability. On the other hand, a high precision counting scale may be too expensive for your budget. We recommend discussing your budget and counting goals with your scale company to determine what will be some of the best counting scales for your applications.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right battery-powered counting scale for your fastener manufacturing business requires careful consideration. Things to consider include capacity, accuracy, platform size, battery life, ease of use, connectivity, durability, and of course, price. If you need assistance feel free to call us (919) 776-7737 or complete our RFQ form on our website. We have literally been recommending counting scales for customers for decades.