Best Shipping Scale for Small Business Needs

In today’s article we take a look at what we think is the best shipping scale for small business locations around the country. And really this scale is a great choice for just about any size business that ships boxes via UPS or Fed Ex each day.

What is the Best Shipping Scale for Small Business?

So what is the best shipping scale for a small business? Well, if you’re basing it entirely on the price, the answer is probably some plastic scale that you’ve seen on the office supply store shelf. But if you’re looking at such as durability, legal for trade quality, and the ability to connect the scale to your shipping software, then the chances are you might choose a different scale.

Based on our many years of using and selling this scale, in our opinion, the Mettler Toledo BC60 is the best shipping scale for small business usage. The shipping scale has become one of the standard accessories that you see in shipping departments all over the country.

best shipping scale for small business

So Why do Folks Like the BC-60 so Much?

Well, it is constructed by a reputable company with a good reputation in the scale industry. The scale is well built with a stainless steel platter. The 150 pound weighing capacity covers just about anything that you’re going to ship via UPS or Fedex. The scale is NTEP approved and the scale connects to many popular shipping software programs which allows the scale weight to populate right into the software. This helps you because you don’t have to type the weight and you don’t have to type the weight and make a mistake by typing the wrong number in.

What are Some of the Downsides of the BC60?

Well, you have to mention the price right off the bat. At this time, the scale price is typically somewhere around $600 to $700 or so and increasing on a regular basis. That’s well above the cost of the cheap plastic scale that you’ll probably find at your office supply store.


The BC60 weight display is pretty simple and can be difficult to read if you’re standing just a few feet away from the scale.

The scale is manufactured overseas and not in America, the 150 pound capacity should be fine, but the weighing platform dimensions are only 12×14.

So trying to weigh larger boxes can be a little tricky and finally the scale doesn’t weigh units in ounces.

There are other shipping scales available that are good as well and we may discuss those in a future entry. But in our opinion, the BC60 the best shipping scale for small business and is an overall very good choice, not just for small businesses, but any size business. If you’re interested in purchasing a shipping scale, be sure to contact our sales department for product information and current price quotes. You can reach us by calling (919) 776-7737