Need odd sized floor scales for unique applications or to fit an existing pit without modifying it? Have special loading requirements? Point loading? Let us quote and design a custom floor scale for you or your customer!

Due to the unique engineering and manufacturing capability at our suppliers facility in Terre Haute, Indiana; we are adept at providing special designs at standard pricing, usually with only 3 to 4 week lead times.

Examples of these applications would be:
Floor Scale for Underneath a stretch-wrap machine for weighing and wrapping capability
Fitting an existing pit with an odd sized platform
Special loading requirements, such as weighing steel coils or tanks
Floor scale in place of separate tank mounts for greater accuracy and reduced costs– especially in commercial weighing applications requiring Weights and Measures approvals
Unusual platform sizes to accommodate carts or vehicles with large wheelbases
Space restrictions, such as Commercial Laundries where floor space is at a premium
Height issues– either higher or lower than standard design