Farms and the Vital Role of Scales in Modern Agriculture

Farms, often overlooked and underappreciated, form the backbone of our society. These unsung heroes are responsible for producing the food and resources that sustain our daily lives. From the fresh fruits and vegetables we enjoy to the grains that go into our bread, farms play an indispensable role in meeting our basic needs. In this article, we will explore the significance of farms in our daily life and how weighing scales are employed throughout their diverse processes, ensuring efficiency and precision in modern agriculture.

Farms and their Importance

The significance of farms cannot be overstated. They are the cradle of our sustenance, cultivating the essential ingredients that constitute our meals. Beyond food production, farms are responsible for raw materials like cotton, wool, and timber, which support various industries such as clothing, construction, and manufacturing. Farms also act as reservoirs of biodiversity, preserving flora and fauna that are crucial for ecosystem balance.

Moreover, the economic contribution of farms is immense. They provide employment opportunities to millions, particularly in rural areas, promoting self-sufficiency and reducing dependency on urban centers. Additionally, agriculture exports significantly contribute to a country’s GDP, boosting international trade and fostering economic growth.

animal weighing scale

Scales in Farming: An Integral Tool

In the realm of farming & agriculture, scales are indispensable tools that play a vital role in numerous processes. Whether it’s measuring inputs, optimizing production, or ensuring quality control, scales enable farmers to make informed decisions, leading to enhanced productivity and profitability. Here, we explore how scales are employed throughout various farming stages:

  1. Fertilizer and Pesticide Application: Applying fertilizers and pesticides in the right quantities is critical to maximizing crop health while minimizing environmental impact. Scales aid in precisely measuring and distributing these, reducing the risk of overuse and preventing chemical runoff into water bodies.

  2. Livestock Management: Scales are widely used in to weigh animals to monitor livestock health and growth. Regular weighing of animals helps farmers adjust their feeding regimes, detect health issues early on, and make informed decisions about breeding and culling.

  3. Harvesting and Post-Harvest: During the harvest, scales are indispensable for determining the optimal time for reaping crops. Additionally, when sorting and grading produce, scales ensure that fruits and vegetables meet market standards, reducing waste and maximizing profitability.

  4. Dairy and Poultry Farming: In dairy and poultry farming, accurate weighing of milk and eggs is crucial for inventory management and quality control. Proper weighing helps monitor individual animal productivity, detect health issues, and optimize feed rations, contributing to efficient production.

  5. Agribusiness and Trading: Scales also play a critical role in agribusiness and trading. At farm gates and grain elevators, farmers and traders weigh commodities to determine fair prices and quantities. Moreover, in commodity trading, precise weighing ensures fair trade and trust among parties involved.

  6. Waste Management and Environmental Impact: Scales are instrumental in managing agricultural waste. By accurately weighing crop residues and manure, farmers can employ sustainable waste management practices and minimize their environmental footprint.

Farms are the unsung heroes that sustain our daily lives, providing us with food, resources, and employment opportunities. The modern agricultural landscape heavily relies on precision and efficiency, which is where scales become indispensable tools. From seed selection to harvest, scales ensure that farmers make informed decisions, optimizing production while minimizing waste and environmental impact.

As we continue to face global challenges such as population growth, climate change, and resource scarcity, the role of farms and the importance of scales in agriculture become even more pronounced. Encouraging sustainable farming practices, promoting technological advancements, and supporting our farming communities are essential steps toward securing a resilient and thriving future for all. 

Key Benefits of Using a Weight Scale for Dogs

If you’re a dog owner, then you probably realize keeping track of your pet’s weight is an essential part of maintaining their health and well-being. Just like humans, dogs can suffer from weight-related health issues such as obesity, heart disease, and joint problems. One of the best tools for monitoring your dog’s weight is a good quality electronic scale specifically designed for dogs. Here are some of the benefits of using a vet scale for your furry friend.

Scales Help You Track Your Dog’s Weight Over Time

One of the most significant advantages of using a veterinary scale for dogs is that it allows you to track your pet’s weight over time. By monitoring your dog’s weight, you can identify any changes early on and take action if necessary. Regular weigh-ins can also help you determine if your pet is maintaining a healthy weight or if they need to lose or gain weight.

weight scale for dogs

Good Quality Weighing Equipment Provides Accurate Measurements

While you can estimate your dog’s weight by picking them up and trying to judge how heavy they feel, it’s not a very reliable method. Using a weight scale for large dogs that’s specifically designed for weighing cats all the way up to large dogs, provides an accurate measurement that you can use to monitor your pet’s weight more effectively. This is especially important if you have a larger breed of dog that can weigh up to 100 pounds or more.

Scales Help You Manage Your Dog’s Diet

Using a weight scale for your dog can also help you manage their diet. If your pet is overweight or obese, you can use the scale to monitor their progress as they lose weight. You can also use the scale to measure out precise portions of food, which can help prevent overfeeding and weight gain. This is particularly useful if you have a dog that is prone to weight gain or if you’re trying to maintain their weight after a successful weight loss program.

Animal Weighing Can Help Detect Health Issues Early

Weight changes can be an early sign of health issues in dogs. For example, sudden weight loss can be a sign of a metabolic disorder or cancer. On the other hand, weight gain can indicate a thyroid issue, diabetes, or other health problems. By regularly weighing your dog, you can identify any changes in their weight and take action early on to prevent further health complications.


Weighing Equipment Helps You Monitor Your Dog’s Exercise Needs

Dogs need regular exercise to maintain good health. However, the amount of exercise they need can vary depending on their weight and breed. By using a veterinary scale, you can monitor your dog’s weight and adjust their exercise routine accordingly. For example, if your dog is overweight, you may need to increase their exercise regimen to help them lose weight. If your dog is at a healthy weight, you can maintain their exercise routine to help keep them in good shape.

Using a good quality weight scale for dogs is an essential tool for any pet owner. It can help you track your pet’s weight over time, provide accurate measurements, manage your dog’s diet, detect health issues early, and monitor your dog’s exercise needs. By using a vet scale, you can help ensure that your dog is healthy, happy, and well-cared for. If you need assistance choosing the right vet scale for everything from weighing small cats to dog scales for large dogs, call us at (919) 776-7737 or complete the RFQ button on our website.

5 Things You May Not Know About Weighing Animals on Vet Scales

Weighing animals is extremely important as it’s one way to determine if they’re healthy or not. Comparing an animal’s individual weight to a set median cannot only help determine its weight but its species and state at the time. It also allows caretakers to determine the amount of food, water, medicine and exercise the animals should receive as well. However, there is much more to weighing animals than just having them step on a scale.

How Do You Weigh Animals?

The number one thing you may not know about weighing and is exactly how do you weigh animals? While some animals are tranquilized and put on weighing scales once they’re not moving. (Would you like to be the person holding the salmon over the scale to lure the bear?)  Many animals are fully conscious but not always cooperative. This is where dynamic weighing can be used. How does dynamic weighing account for excited dogs or naughty monkeys? The scale works out an average weight based on the force exerted by the animal over an extended period of time. Once the internal calculation is completed by the scale, it will hold the value this way. Even if the animal fidgets or moves around, it can easily be weighed.

animal weighing scale

Tough & Versatile Scales are a Must

The number two thing you may not know is you need a tough and versatile scale. You probably already know this but depending on what you’re trying to weigh, you need a tough and well designed scale. Whether you’re in a laboratory weighing small rodents or a vet who only deals with family pets. You need robust animal weighing scales. Often you need a scale that can be easily cleaned and has little to no exposed cables that can be ripped out. Stainless steel scales are rust resistant and easy to wipe down. Usually the pan can be removed so that any dirt that may have accumulated can be cleaned. A zoo or farm might have to weigh animals who live in a variety of habitats. And of course, a scale may need to be moved around within a vet’s office, a zoo or may need to be carried by a mobile groomer. Bringing a scale to various places is made easier with a portable scale. Portable scales that require batteries can be used virtually anywhere. Continue reading

Dangers of Buying Certain “Cheap” Scales Online

The article below is courtesy of Mr. Boon Lim who has been involved in the weighing industry for many years. It really hammers home the points that we have been trying to discuss with customers for literally decades! 

There are differences in quality between certain brands of scales. We’ve discussed this numerous times over the years either here in our learning center or on our Youtube channel or perhaps via phone or email with you. A lot of times it’s a balancing act between value & accuracy. Many customers don’t have the budget or the requirements for the top of the line most expensive scale… but they also don’t need to buy the cheapest scale under the sun either. Let’s take a look at what Boon found when he purchased some of the cheapest scales available online. We hope you enjoy the article below.

Have you noticed a quality shift in the weighing industry? Quality standards have
decreased significantly on consumer scales with “assembly only” operations making big
waves in the scale community. Large sellers are dominating the online retail space for
consumers, and this is not any different for scales. Whether you support the
unstoppable rise of these ecommerce giants or not, there is no denying the profound
impact associated with their operation.

So, we bought some of the “Best Selling”, highly rated, affordable scales and balances to test the quality.

Yes, with 2-day free shipping too.

Our discoveries were astounding… Continue reading

What Does 5000 x 1 Mean? Scale Capacity x Readability

We’re going to discuss something that many folks wonder about the first couple of times they are tasked with buying scales.

What Does it Mean when you see 5000 x 1 on a Scale?

If you’ve done any research at all online for scales, you’ve probably seen something written like 5000 x 1, or perhaps you’ve requested a quote and seen that number written. Either way, you may be wondering what these mean. 5000 x 1 lb, or it could be 60 x 0.02lb or it may have been 3000 g by 0.01g. 120,000 x 20 lb, 500 x 0.1 lb etc….

600 x 0.1 LB



But what exactly does that mean? It’s actually pretty simple.

In the case of 5000 x 1 lb, this means that the total weighing capacity of the scale is 5000 pounds and the scale increases or decreases in weight by 1 lb increments from zero all the way to 5000 lb.

Some people refer to the 1 lb in this example as the readability or the graduation size. In the 60 x 0.02 lb example, it would be as follows, 60 lb is the capacity and 0.02 lb is the graduation size that the scale increases or decreases by from zero all the way to 60 lb. Continue reading

Pet Weighing Scales for Cats, Dogs, etc… are Ideal for Animal Health

Odds are that you know someone, or it might even be you… that loves their pets so much that they take great pleasure in spoiling them with excessive treats and food scraps. However, too much poor quality food, paired with a lack of physical activity, can lead to persistent weight gain.

Pet Weight Scales Can Help with Obesity

With an increase in pet obesity, it is important to use accurate measuring equipment to effectively assist in treatment. Obesity is linked to a number of health concerns such as difficulty breathing, high blood pressure, and overweight pets also have a higher risk of tumors, cancer, heart disease and arthritis. The pet’s quality of life is negatively impacted as daily activities that require stamina or mobility, such as grooming, running or climbing stairs become a strain. Continue reading

Livestock Scales for Weighing Pigs

Pig scales allow producers to measure piglet litter weights and/or sort grown hogs for market. Knowing the real weight of your pigs also assists with being able to load your truck or trailer correctly. We have several types of scales for weighing pigs.

The Brecknell PS1000 general purpose floor scale has become quite a hit with our agricultural customers, and some industrial customers. The scale took the old idea of the VD1000 animal scales but brought it in at an affordable price. 

This Brecknell PS-1000 fits several applications perfectly – 4H participants can weight their animals up to 1000 pounds. Food rationing can be done using the weight divisions of 0.5 lbs; and last – the scale can be used in industrial applications for drum weighing, shipping weights, and any other general purpose tasks needing an accurate weight! 

The pig scale operates on four (4) AAA batteries or 6 VDC, 500mA adapter, both included. Includes a digital weight indicator with black plastic bracket for wall or stand mounting. Scale weighs around 65 lbs w/ 2 easy access carry handles which make scale convenient to relocate. No need for ramps or recessed floors, as this unit comes with ramped ends. The dimensions of the scale platform are 55.75″ (L) x 20.25″ (W) x 2.5″ (H).

livestock scale for weighing pigs

We think you are going to really like the affordably priced WeighSouth VS-2501 Vet Scale. This stylish animal scale offers functionality and heavy duty design. The VS-2501 features a large easy to clean stainless steel platform with four load cells underneath. The 43″ x 20″ scale platform is factory calibrated to the digital weight indicator for immediate use once the scale is received. In fact, we’re often asked what is our favorite vet scale or to provide a review of certain choices and this is usually the favorite choice of most.

The indicator features a heavy duty metal enclosure with large LED digits making it very easy to read. Place the indicator on a desk top or mounted on a wall with the included hardware.

Why settle for some “no name” pig scale when you can have this VS-2501 industrial strength digital scale! Weighing small to large animals you cannot beat the quality and construction of the WeighSouth VS-2501 Veterinary Scale. While these types of products are often thought of as floor scales for dogs, the large 43” x 20” stainless steel platform is large enough for Lamas and Alpacas, yet small and accurate enough for the smallest breeds of dogs, sheep, goats, hogs, nursery pigs, and many more varieties of livestock. The scale operates on either AC Adapter or internal rechargeable battery. The livestock scale for weighing pigs includes a removable non-skid rubber mat to ensure extra grip for animals to keep them from slipping when stepping on or standing on the scale.

The AWB40-5K Weigh Bars Set of (2) load bars calibrated with digital weight indicator is a versatile scale system. These are probably the finest in the industry both in performance and quality. It includes 2 complete weigh bars, 2 quick disconnect cables, and one stainless steel indicator with internal battery.

These AWB weigh bars are virtually watertight with sealing at the end of the bar as well as the feet. There are quick disconnect steel braided cables on both ends to make service a snap.  These have feet that are 6 1/4″, galvanized, and can be mounted (if the customer desires) with cement bolts provided. We have been recommending and selling weigh bars for years and have finally designed what many feel are the very best available. These are ideal for building your own weighing system. Great for alleyway, squeeze chutes and more.

We also have other scales available for weighing animals such as hogs, sheep, and small cattle. For example, these scales feature small wheels on one end for easy moving, 4 sturdy rubber feet provide traction and stability, cage, base frame, and tread plate bottom made entirely of aluminum, outward opening door on both short sides; both operable from one side with built-in 33” high side rails. Call (919) 776-7737 or complete our RFQ form for details.


The Importance of Animal Scale Calibration

Veterinary clinics and Animal hospitals throughout the triangle area of North Carolina count on Central Carolina Scale to check and calibrate their vet scales on a regular basis. Our state certified scale technicians use certified calibration weights which are ideal weights to use when calibrating animal scales. They ensure your scale is properly calibrated and ready for the requirements of weighing in a wide range of animal care settings.

Weights for Animal Scale Calibration

Consumer weights such as barbells or similar items may not provide an accurate weight to calibrate your scale. For example, a 5-pound consumer weight, such as a barbell, may actually weigh between 4.75 and 5.25 pounds. Compare that to our certified calibration weights which have a manufactured and adjusted tolerance of +/-230 milligrams! Our scale tech’s use a certified calibration weight to ensure your scale is calibrated correctly and presents accurate weighments for proper animal care.

equine weighing scale

Our scale technicians use certified calibration weights ensure the scale is properly calibrated and ready to weigh a wide range of animal needs.

Animal patients can be unpredictable, especially if they are nervous or anxious at veterinary clinics. You may want to look for scales that have a low profile so animals aren’t taking large steps on or off the scale. Some scales may have optional mats to increase animal comfort as they step onto the weighing platform. The scales you use should also be durable and easy to clean. Hard, nonporous ABS plastic surfaces provide an easy-to-clean weighing platform that can withstand claws and accidents.

Functions such as weight recall, tare and movement compensation technology allow operators to record and verify accurate weights for every patient. Movement compensation technology in scales recognizes when a patient is moving or shaking on the weighing platform and accounts for that movement in the final weight display. You may want to consider these scale functions as well as automatic shut-off for long battery life as you search for a scale to meet the needs of your specific practice.

Standardizing the units of measure at your clinic and using scales that allow you to lock the units of measure can help you prevent potentially fatal errors. Some animal scales are able to lock units of measure, meaning the scale won’t accidentally be switched from pounds to kilograms, or vice versa. If a scale is unknowingly changed from kilograms to pounds, medication can be given in dangerously high amounts.

Recently we announced the availability of the new Rice Lake RoughDeck® EQ equine scale. Durability and repeatability are additional factors that should be considered when choosing large animal scales. A weighing system may be accurate when initially installed but fall out of tolerance as it is used. After all, horses are not always well-behaved during the weighing process—especially when they are not feeling well.

Selecting a scale that can handle reluctant patients’ antics, including hoof stomps, and still deliver consistent, stable weights is key for long-term use. Hermetically sealed load cells are ideal so the system can be washed down without damage. Regular inspections and calibrations should also be performed by a local, authorized scale service technician.

For more information on our cattle scales and related animal weighing products or scale calibration services, please call us at (919) 776-7737.

Best Animal Scale For Your Veterinary Hospital

This entry has a single focus. What is the best animal scale for your veterinary hospital? For us, the answer is pretty simple. It’s the WeighSouth VS-2501 Vet Scale. This stylish animal scale features a heavy duty design and is popular with customers.

The VS-2501 features a large easy to clean 43″ x 20″ stainless steel platform with four load cells underneath. The scale platform is factory calibrated to the digital weight indicator for immediate use once the scale is received.

weighsouth vs-2501 animal hospital scale

The indicator features a heavy duty metal enclosure with large LED digits making it very easy to read. Place the indicator on a desk top or mounted on a wall with the included hardware. Why settle for some “no name” vet scale when you can have this VS-2501 industrial strength veterinary office digital scale!

Your scale can say a lot about the quality and image of your animal hospital. If your’re a veterinarian or perhaps you work at an animal hospital. You know that customers take note of what equipment you are using. That’s why it’s important to utilize what we consider, the best animal scale for your veterinary hospital, the VS-2501.

You need to show your customers that your passion for animals requires nothing less than the best and with the VS-2501 vet scale you make it very clear that your passion for great quality and outstanding care is important to your business.

Weighing small to large animals, it’s hard to beat the quality and construction of the WeighSouth VS2501 Veterinary Scale. While these types of products are often thought of as floor scales for dogs, the large 43” x 20” stainless, Weighsouth VS-2501 vet scale steel platform is large enough for Lamas and Alpacas, yet small and accurate enough for the smallest breeds of dogs, sheep, goats, hogs, nursery pigs, and many more varieties of livestock.

The scale operates on either AC Adapter or internal rechargeable battery. The scale includes a removable non-skid rubber mat to ensure extra grip for animals to keep them from slipping when stepping on or standing on the scale.

Hopefully, after reading this, you’ll appreciate why when folks ask us, what’s the best animal scale for your veterinary hospital, you see why we choose the VS 2501.

We do want to mention briefly that if you are in the market for larger cattle scales, we can provide those as well. We also have smaller scales for weighing rabbits, kittens, puppies etc…. Contact us for details.

Contact our sales team today at (919) 776-7737 or complete our Request a Quote form and we can help you add one of these VS-2501 scales into your vet clinic.

Brecknell ElectroSamson Official Scale of Major League Fishing

Brecknell recently announced their new partnership as the official scale sponsors of Major League Fishing’s 2013 event. Major League Fishing is one of the new highlights of the sporting calendar for many anglers, with 24 of the world’s premiere competitive bass fishing anglers coming together to compete in high-intensity angling competitions over the month of September. With the ‘New Game, New Rules and No Limits’ slogan, the competition winner is the competitor with the highest total weight caught over the course of the competition.

With accuracy and weight being the key deciding factor for the victor, Major League Fishing chose Brecknell’s ElectroSamson as the best portable scale for the job. So, if you’re in the market for a digital fishing scale that is both portable and affordable, this is your ideal weighing solution.

fisherman using handheld brecknell scale to weigh fishThe ElectroSamson is a hand held electronic digital balance which can be used for hand-held weighing, with or without the weigh handle, or suspended weighing. Ideal for anglers and other sports, the highly portable ElectroSamson allows you to switch from kg/lb/oz, has a bright LED display and comes in three capacities to suit your needs. Click here for an entire brochure of the angling scales from Brecknell. For more information contact us at 919-776-7737.