Become more efficient with a fork lift scale

Rice Lake CLS model fork lift scales are factory calibrated and delivered with innovative packaging that allows safe and fast installation. Compatible digital indicators can accept data wirelessly from the two-channel digital iQUBE® junction box, located on the scale carriage. Or, if you choose, the wired version communicates weight data via the coil cable provided with the scale. For wireless versions, the communication electronics are protected in enclosures mounted to the back of the indicator and in the junction box. Both models are designed with a separate on/off switch to conserve forklift power and will display battery hours remaining before a recharge is needed.

The CLS has a 5,000 lb capacity that is electronically and mechanically supported by two 5,000 lb stainless steel load cells and mechanical overload protection. The centering pin is welded directly to the scale instead of using mounting bolts that often break. The welded centering pin ensures proper alignment and prevents the scale from sliding laterally off the forklift. This design promotes scale longevity and accuracy.  The scale features a reinforced cover plate to protect the load cells and junction box from debris or damage. The indicator’s sleek stainless steel enclosure and a two-piece mounting assembly with vibration isolators increase durability. With Rice Lake’s Cargo Lift Scale, simply drive up, lift, secure and power up the ready-to-work system.