The price of mild steel used in the manufacture of Pennsylvania M6600 Floor Scales rose considerably in 2008. It is difficult in a world market where steel demand drives up the price of the Pennsylvania “Made in the USA” floor scales and meanwhile inferior “no name” products are dumped in the market, putting enormous price pressure on everyone as well. For example, the steel structural extrusion material that is used in the most popular 48″ x 48″ Pennsylvania floor scale designs has DOUBLED in cost since January 2008 — and they use 16′ of it in each and every 4×4 scale. A few comments about the Pennsylvania floor scale design and marketing philosophy:

  1. Pennsylvania will not cheapen the M6600 floor scale to match the competition. The floor scale design in the 48 x 48″ size uses the original design for the 10K scale — in all capacities 1000 lbs, 2000 lbs, 5000 lbs, and 10,000 lbs. It was designed for minimal deflection to outlast and outperform the competition. It has a 5 year Mfg. Warranty on this product.
  2. Production meets type. The design has not been cheapened to save cost — it is the design that was approved by NTEP and meets the originally approved specifications exactly.
  3. The entire product line is designed for the heaviest anticipated use. Of course, if the scale will see fork lift traffic or other types of severe point loading, tell us and we quote reinforcement of the weighbridge even more.
  4. Still uses premium Sensortronics name brand shear beam load cells almost exclusively.  They are widely appreciated for crisp performance, long life, and superior quality.
  5. Custom sized floor scales at standard pricing — call or email for a quote.
  6. Quality workmanship differentiates our floor scales... for example the finish of the deck plate vs sharp edges and corners, quality and durabilitiy of the powder coat finish vs. thinly applied or poorly sprayed… Solid outer deck vs. welded pieces of scrap.  Corners calibrated carefully in Lancaster PA before the scale ships vs. no corner calibration and overseas factory calibration… 5 Year Mfg. Warranty vs. ???