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Floor Scales

Floor Scales that we offer are ideal from abusive operations such as shock, end, or corner-loading to general industrial weighing applications such as shipping and receiving packages, bulk loading, and parts counting. Central Carolina Scale has a complete line of quality heavy duty platform floor scales designed for provide longevity and accuracy for you. These are reliable and brand name products that you can trust. That's important these days. Quite a few of our products are battery powered and for the most part they are in stock and priced right. We can ship direct to you. The Rice Lake Weighing System RoughDeck line includes NTEP legal-for-trade, stainless steel, corrosion resistant, washdown, and flexure lever models. Each scale in the RoughDeck family uses a full 6" structural channel frame welded to a durable steel deck, offering remarkable rigidity under severe loading conditions.

RoughDeck™ floor scales are manufactured from the bottom up to perform year in year out within the most rugged industrial surroundings. With standard models constructed specifically for a variety of tough applications including scales for weighing pallets, sanitary designed scales, portable scales, and a single animal livestock scale. Capacities from 500 lb to 30,000 lb, Deck sizes between 2' x 2' to 8' x 10'.

Buy Floor Scales That Ship Direct From The Manufacturer

We can ship platform scales direct to you for fast and easy setup. Call or email us for a quote and honest product reviews since we deal with these decks on a daily basis and know what are the best floor scales that customers like about certain pallet weighers over others. There are some major differences between certain floor scales and we can help point those out to you. For example, did you know that some platforms are truly 48" square while others are actually more like 47.2"? Also did you know that some of the actual decks themselves are closer to 46" square. So when you hear us use phrases like cutting corners, we are literally telling you what is really happening. Contact us at (919) 776-7737 to find out which products we recommend and which item provides the best value for the money.

Top Brands of Pallet Scales - In Stock!

One advantage of being in business since 1980 is that we have learned what scales are the best. So when customers look for reviews or recommendations we can often tell customers exactly what would be the best choice which is especially helpful especially with all the choices of industrial scales online. Some of the top brands that we offer include B-Tek, Cardinal, CAS, Digi, Avery Weigh-Tronix, Pennsylvania, Intercomp, Ohaus, Salter Brecknell as well as others. Ramps and Pit Frames are also offered as well. The Roughdeck layout has proven so superior that all RLWS Rough Decks have a full five-year warranty on the deck structure.

Your Top Choice for NTEP Floor Scales

They're called a lot of things: certified pallet scale, NTEP floor scales, legal for trade floor scales, etc... but the bottom line is if you're in the market for commercial floor scales then you absolutely need to contact Central Carolina Scale and discuss your application and get a price quote and product recommendation from us. We offer a huge variety of NTEP certified scales for weighing pallets and more in various size and capacity ranges.

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