Truck Scale Manufacturers You Need to Consider

A truck scale is a rather large purchase for many businesses. In many cases, whether you choose a 70×11 legal for trade truck scale, or portable truck scales, or portable axle scales… Once these items are purchased and installed on a concrete foundation, it’s likely going to cost over $100,000 when it’s all said and done.

So, anytime that you invest that kind of money into a new truck scale, you would like to know as much as possible about the items and the companies who build the items. So, in today’s article we’re not going to answer questions like how much does a set of truck scales cost or how long should a truck scale last?  We’ve already answered those questions. Instead, we’re going to look at some of the top vehicle weighing scale factories in the U.S.

Who are the Top Truck Scale Manufacturers?

As we’ve established, truck scales are a relatively expensive purchase for most companies. So, you want to make sure that you make a smart buying decision.

We’ll discuss this later in more detail, but it’s also important to rely on your peers and your trusted local scale company too. For example, maybe you think that you have found the right scale, but it turns out that it actually has a load cell issue. Perhaps, it’s becoming difficult to source load cells for that scale or perhaps it’s something else.

More on the local scale company influence later….

rice lake truck scales

So, who are the best truck scale builders? In our opinion, the following scale manufacturers are the top companies in the business. And, this applies to all you fans of used truck scales too.

Rice Lake

Rice Lake Weighing Systems SURVIVOR® truck scales are built tough from start to finish. Designed for durable performance, SURVIVOR truck scales provide extreme reliability under the most demanding conditions. These truck scales, with steel deck or concrete deck, are constructed in several locations including Wisconsin and Alabama and utilize standard analog load cells.

Avery Weigh-Tronix

Designed with demanding industrial environments in mind, Avery Weigh-Tronix truck scales weigh vehicles dependably and accurately over a long scale life. Manufactured and built from high quality US steel in Fairmont, MN, a truck scale from Avery Weigh-Tronix will feature:

Fully assembled, 100% welded construction with extra strength and no weak spots. Industry leading robust Weigh Bar® weight sensors for quick accurate weigh readings. Modular boltless sections for simple hook design allows quick and easy installation and extension. Local service and support is available with a network of approved distributors available to install and maintain your truck scale.

The Weigh-Tronix truck scales are available in a wide range of standard and customized configurations to suit your application needs. Standard sizes between 8’ to 14’ wide that suit most customers. Where standard doesn’t suit, the factory can produce almost any length combination thanks to the modular design, with either steel or concrete decks, and can be either above ground or pit mounted.


Specializing in scales for ultra-heavy capacity off-road vehicles, Thurman Scale has become a recognized leader in the off-road vehicle weighing industry. Producing these truck scales for over fifty years, Thurman Scale has provided its customers with heavy duty weighing equipment to keep their mission critical operations up and weighing with accuracy and dependability.


Cardinal Scale Manufacturing features a comprehensive line of truck scales for almost every heavy-duty vehicle weighing need. Cardinal Scale’s truck scale line features models that can be used in the most high-volume, punishing, and damaging environments.

Ranging from portable truck scales to Cardinal Scale’s full-length, industry-leading ARMOR digital truck scale design, Cardinal Scale truck scales are used in various industries such as logging, aggregates, mining, metal recycling, and agriculture. They also design and construct their own Cardinal Scale load cells at the factory in Missouri.


The Centurion truck scale design from B-TEK Scales is a heavy duty vehicle weighing system constructed in Ohio. Its durable construction is designed for long life in tough environments and is available in standard steel deck above ground or portable truck scales versions.

B-Tek also offers digital truck scales as well as digital load cells with advanced technology as well. The digital items offer superior quality and measurement technology superior to traditional analog load cells.

B-TEK’s painting process doesn’t just start in the paint booth. Each piece of steel is shot blasted to ensure all rust and mill slag are removed prior to painting. Custom designed paint is utilized to ensure longevity and protection from weather, harmful chemicals, abrasion, corrosion and rust.

The Centurion truck scales design focuses on strength and stability. Each vehicle scale module is constructed using structural steel I-Beams which provide superior support compared to competitor’s weighbridges which are built using bent plate material. The Centurion’s open beam design also allows for continuous airflow around the beams lowering the risk of rust or corrosion.


Mid America Scale has been known as a premier truck scale manufacturer with an affordable price for many years. The TS Series standard truck scales lineup is ideal for installation between silos, beneath hoppers, next to buildings, in areas with underground obstructions, or high water tables. The TS Series Electronic Low Profile Steel Deck vehicle scale is known nationwide for its durability and innovative design with its traditional analog load cell.

The Others….

Now, to be completely fair, we have to mention the following manufacturers of truck scales. Emery Winslow, Mettler Toledo, and Fairbanks. And there may be a few others…. These truck scales are popular with quite a few customers as well. However, we don’t work directly with these companies so we can’t really elaborate much on their truck scales or load cell offerings specifically.

concrete deck or steel deck truck scale

Most Important Truck Scales Choice You Need to Make?

Truthfully, one of the most important decisions you will make when purchasing a truck scale is simply choosing a truck scale distributor that can help you select, install, and maintain the vehicle scale. A truck scale is a large investment, and your truck scale dealer should be there every step of the way.

When making a truck scale buying decision, ask your respected peers in your industry who they chose to partner with for a truck scale purchase.

Not all scale companies have the same qualifications. An authorized distributor can make all the difference. Certified scale technicians that can troubleshoot, repair, maintain, and certify your legal for trade truck scale. They also have ample experience with truck scales from every facet of your industry. They also stock spare parts such as a spare load cell or weighing terminal, so that any unplanned down time is limited.

More than anything, you want a local truck scale distributor who will be there for you when you need them; someone who is only a phone call or short drive away. The importance of a qualified scale distributor and the benefits they can offer you locally are invaluable. If you’re in the market for a truck scale, be sure to contact us at CCS today.