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Tree MRC Race Car Scales

Tree MRC Race Car Scales

Bluetooth race car scales designed by Tree. Choose from either a 2000 lb or 6500 lb scale system. The system includes four weighing platforms that connect to a single indicator via a Bluetooth connection. The indicator displays weight data including individual tire weight, front and rear axle weights, left and right weights, total weight.


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The Tree MRC race car scale set is an entry level set of digital scales that allows you to scale your car or vehicle at a relatively affordable price. Each of the four scale pads has a capacity of approximately 500 lb or 1600 lb, depending on which system you choose, and is connected via Bluetooth to the digital weight indicator. The weight indicator is powered by standard 120 VAC or rechargeable battery.

tree mrc race car scales


Tree MRC Racing Scales Specifications

Total Capacity: 2000 LB
500 lb (x 4) x 0.2 lb
Platform Size 12" x 12.7" x 2.6"

1650 lb (x 4) x 1 lb
Platform Size: 14" x 16" x 2.6"

Units lb, kg
Accuracy: +/-3d
Display: LED 0.56
Power: 110VAC AC & Rechargeable Battery






Cart for Tree Wheel Weighing Scales
Ramps for MRC6500