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With the global economic downturn, customer demand in the transport and logistics industry is more uncertain than ever. Transportation and logistics companies must be as efficient as possible, without compromising on safety. Digital weighing scales and systems from Central Carolina Scale, located in Sanford, NC can help ensure billing is accurate and vehicles are filled to the optimum safe capacity. We offer everything from standard 70x10 truck scales to railroad track scales. We also have wheel scales and axle scales available as well from scale manufacturers like Intercomp and Rice Lake.

Aviation industry - Weighing scales and systems help the aviation industry make sure baggage and air freight is weighed as efficiently and accurately as possible.

Logistics Weighing scales and systems help transportation and logistics companies move freight quickly, safely and efficiently.

Rail and train weighing scales - Weight is crucial to cost control and safety in virtually every aspect of the rail industry, from monitoring product deliveries to avoiding overloading penalties.

Road transportation Weighing scales and systems can help the trucking industry balance safety and weight concerns with fuel and operational efficiency.

Sea - Weighing scales and systems from Avery Weigh-Tronix can help to verify the weight of ships and cargo vessels for billing accuracy and safe loading. 

  • weigh-tronix-weighline-train-rail-scale.jpg
    Avery Weigh-Tronix Weighline Train Rail ScaleAvery Weigh-Tronix Weighline rail scale is designed to provide rail car weights quickly, safely and affordably. The Weighline rail scale is rugged and accurate, with accuracies of ± 0.25% or better. It can weigh rail cars either statically or in motion, at speeds in excess of 50 mph
  • weigh-tronix-bridgemont-hd-truck-scale.jpg
    Avery Weigh-Tronix BMS HD Steel Deck Truck ScaleAvery Weigh-Tronix BMS HD truck scale is a heavy duty vehicle scale with a checkered steel deck driving surface. This rugged scale is ideal for users who require long-lasting performance for moderate to heavy traffic and axle loads. Cost effective due to the structural integrity and efficiency of the Bridgemont design.
  • weigh-tronix-dual-roller-air-cargo-scale.jpg
    Avery Weigh-Tronix Dual Roller Cargo Scale Avery Weigh-Tronix's cargo scales were originally to weigh air cargo containers. Dual Roller Scale has one or two sets of 4" rollers for easy movement of cargo. The scale fits standard single or double-wide air cargo containers. Each roller platform has a capacity of 10,000 lbs., for a scale total of 20,000 lbs.
  • weigh-tronix-pancake-cargo-scale.jpg
    Avery Weigh-Tronix Pancake Cargo Scale Avery Weigh-Tronix’s cargo scales were originally developed for the air freight industry, to weigh air cargo containers. Since then, due to their accuracy and durability, our cargo scales have been used in many other industrial applications.
  • weigh-tronix-qtltsc-forklift-scale.jpg
    Avery Weigh-Tronix QTLTS Forklift Scale The QTLTS forklift scale allows you to weigh loads without altering your normal forklift truck routine. It is the ideal solution for monitoring loads handled by forklift trucks. The QTLTS forklift scale is extremely accurate, consistently providing great weight accuracy and convenience.
  • weigh-tronics-prodec-floor-scale-system.jpg
    Avery Weigh-Tronix ProDec Floor Scale SystemAvery Weigh-Tronix Deck and Indicator System incorporates either a 48" x 48" or 60" x 60" 5,000 lb ProDec Floor Scale with Avery Weigh-Tronix ABS or Stainless Steel ZM201 Indicator or an Aluminum or Stainless Steel ZM301 or ZM303 Weight Indicator. Factory calibrated and certificate of calibration.
  • salter-brecknell-dcsb-floor-scale-sb521.jpg
    Brecknell DCSB Floor Scale SystemBrecknell DCSB system includes an IP65 rated mild steel general purpose weighing platform with alloy tool steel potted load cells. Factory calibrated with SBI-521 LED indicator or SBI-240 indicator and interface cable. Choices of sizes and capacities. NTEP legal for trade.
  • intercomp-pw800-pallet-jack-scale.jpg
    Intercomp PW800 Pallet Truck ScaleIntercomp PW800 Pallet Truck scale offers a cost effective solution to weigh on the go. The PW-800 is the preferred choice for Pallet Truck Scales because it integrates load cells within the existing forks. These cells offer the industry’s highest standard capacity at 5,000 x 1 lb with the lowest profile forks at 2.9"
  • doran-low-profile-airline-baggage-scales.jpg
    Doran Low Profile Baggage ScaleThe scale base is less than two inches tall. Doran was the first to introduce this revolutionary design using ultra slim components without compromising durability. The standard base size is 29.5" x 32". For NO ADDITIONAL charge, we can manufacture custom sizes from 18" x 18" to 48" x 36"
  • pennsylvania-m64-airline-baggage-scale.jpg
    Pennsylvania M64+ Airline Baggage ScaleLook around the airport terminals throughout the US and you will often find the rugged and simple to use American Made Pennsylvania Scale Company M64+ airline baggage scales. Ideal choice for the demanding environment of weighing suitcases and cargo that goes on an airplane. NTEP approved. Sizes: 18x24, 24x24 Capacity: 250, 500, or 1000 lb.
  • nci-7820-electronicl-shipping-scale.jpg
    NCI 7820 Series Shipping ScalesNCI 7820 parcel scale is very robust, able to stand up to frequent use in busy mail rooms and postal environments. The 7820 postal scale can operate as a stand-alone scale or be integrated into existing systems via an RS232 connection. 7820B features handle and 7820R features remote display
  • brecknell-3900lp-industrial-bench-scale
    Brecknell 3900LP NTEP Bench ScalesBrecknell 3900LP base bench series is calibrated with the SBI 110 LCD Indicator and is NTEP approved at 5000 divisions. This rugged and reliable system is available in three capacities (100 lb, 250 lb, 600 lb) and three platform sizes. Simply connect the indicator to the base and it is ready to weigh or count your product.

Logistic departments are usually a high speed busy, material handling environment, and they require equipment and tools to simplify processes and enhance efficiency. With many postal carriers enacting dimensional weight postal pricing, shipping departments need to reevaluate their material packaging and shipping processes to deter fines and compliance issues. From stock inventory and outgoing package weights to LTL material handling and pallet dimensions, our selection of Rice Lake scales offer comprehensive logistic solutions to not only deter fees and compliance issues, but to optimize your shipping and warehouse operations.

To ensure shipping and receiving departments adhere to dimensional weight, also known as dim weight, Rice Lake offers iDimension™ Series dimensioning systems as the compliance solution. Ideal for packages ranging from tabletop flats and polybags to boxes, tubes and LTL multi-piece pallets, the iDimension Series offers dimensioning systems for many logistic environments. iDimension Series dimensioning systems use high-resolution cameras, workplace-safe sensing technology and 3D imaging to convert packages and irregular shapes and objects into accurate, cubed dimensions. Unlike other dimensioning systems on the market, iDimension systems are designed for busy warehouses and shipping departments by requiring virtually no time-consuming special parcel handling or alignment.

For larger material handling and package weights, Rice Lake floor scales are the toughest, most accurate floor scales available. Placed under an iDimension 400 LTL system, shipping departments have access to accurate pallet weights and dimensions for LTL shipping operations. RoughDeck’s rugged and durable design minimizes deck deflection and extraneous forces that could damage load cells. These features, along with RoughDeck’s superior structural design, separate it from other floor scales on the market.

Rice Lake’s CLS cargo lift scale forklift attachment enhances efficiency in any shipping department and loading bay terminal. The CLS allows LTL freight material handlers to weigh pallets during the material handling process, saving time and money. CLS forklift scale attachments mount directly to any Class II or Class III forklift, and are built with the utmost quality in product design. Used in conjunction with an iDimension 400 LTL dimensioning system, the CLS provides logistic operators and managers accurate weight and dimensional data to ship pallets with confidence.

Logistic departments require durable equipment to simplify material handling processes, enhance shipping efficiency and maintain postal compliance. As you can see we can provide you with an array of the highest-quality and most cutting-edge weight-related and measurement tools for the logistics industry.

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