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Industries - Scales for Public Sector & Military

Industries - Scales for Public Sector & Military

Public Sector and Military Weighing

For many years we have provided federal agencies and state agencies with exceptional discounts and low cost prices for scales and weighing equipment. In fact, many times beating out companies that have GSA contracts and GSA Advantage. For years we have worked closely with large government facilities to help find the correct products for their applications at affordable prices that fits their needs. Whether it's GSA Laboratory Contract Pricing, VA Medical Contract Pricing, or GSA Food Contract Pricing the odds are we can provide you with better prices than other suppliers and scale companies who have those contracts. 

The public sector and defense department are under increasing pressure in the wake of the global financial crisis and resulting budget cuts. Just like the commercial world, public sector operations are forced to be as efficient as possible in order to make funding stretch as far as possible.

Weighing scales and systems from Central Carolina Scale can help by weighing incoming raw materials, preventing vehicle overloading, weighing freight, controlling processes and monitoring outgoing waste. We also have replacement load cells for sale. Numerous government agencies over the years have relied on us to provide made in America items like Intercomp PT300 wheel weighers and Avery Weigh-Tronix bench scales.

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  • weigh-tronix-dual-roller-air-cargo-scale.jpg
    Avery Weigh-Tronix Dual Roller Cargo Scale Avery Weigh-Tronix's cargo scales were originally to weigh air cargo containers. Dual Roller Scale has one or two sets of 4" rollers for easy movement of cargo. The scale fits standard single or double-wide air cargo containers. Each roller platform has a capacity of 10,000 lbs., for a scale total of 20,000 lbs.
  • weigh-tronix-pancake-cargo-scale.jpg
    Avery Weigh-Tronix Pancake Cargo Scale Avery Weigh-Tronix’s cargo scales were originally developed for the air freight industry, to weigh air cargo containers. Since then, due to their accuracy and durability, our cargo scales have been used in many other industrial applications.
  • intercomp-pt300-wheel-load-scale.jpg
    Intercomp PT300 Wheel Load ScaleIntercomp PT 300 Wheel Weigh Scales are digital wheel load scales designed to maximize legal payloads with concern for violations and reduction of maintenance due to overload stress on equipment. 12" wide platform accommodates single tire (outside tire in dual wheel configuration).
  • intercomp-pt300-wheel-weigh-scale-systems.jpg
    Intercomp PT300 Wheel Load Scale SystemIntercomp PT300 scale system includes either 2, 4, or 6 platform scales along with interconnecting cable. Charger cable is also included in the system. On top of all that, the carrying case is also a part of the Intercomp Wheel Load Scale System. Add optional wireless indicator for a complete package.
  • Intercomp-Scales.jpg
    Intercomp PT300/LP600 Scale OptionsIntercomp PT 300 and LP600 Wheel Weigh Scales are digital wheel load scales. There are many options available such as carry cases, interconnecting cables, ac adapters, replacement batteries and more.
  • intercomp-pt300dw-large-wheel-weigher.jpg
    Intercomp PT300DW Large Wheel Weigher ScaleIntercomp PT 300DW Wheel Weigh Scales are self-contained, high-capacity digital wheel load scale designed to maximize legal payloads with concern for violations and reduction of maintenance due to overload stress on equipment. 22" wide platform accommodates dual wheels and oversized tires.
  • rice-lake-load-ranger-portable-vehicle-scales
    Rice Lake Load Ranger Wheel Pad ScaleRice Lake Load Ranger wheel weigh pads are vehicle weighing scales ideal for mobile and temporary applications. With an optional remote indicator and printer, Load Ranger is adaptable for many applications.
  • pennsylvania-m6600-made-in-america-floor-scale.jpg
    Pennsylvania M6600 Industrial Floor ScaleAll floor scales are not alike. Pennsylvania 6600 scales are designed with features that outperform the competition. Premium black powder coat finish (mild steel models up to 60 x 60" 10K capacity). Premium load cells, wide range of capacities, platform sizes from 24 x 24" to 96 x 120" and capacities to 40,000 lbs.