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Pallet Jack & Pallet Truck Scales

A Pallet Jack Scale can maximize efficiency by eliminating wasted time and floor space when checking inbound and outbound shipping weights of up to 5000 lbs. These portable pallet trucks with scales built in were designed specifically for North American pallets with a 2.95" profile (the same as an ordinary pallet jack). These rugged pallet trucks have precision scale components from major brands like Intercomp, Rice Lake, and CAS Corporation. The scale indicator, components, and wiring are safely and securely encased within the pallet truck. We have several pallet truck scales for sale including the Intercomp PW-800. Intercomp PW800 Pallet Truck Scales offer on-the-go weighing in an ergonomic design. With a standard capacity of 5,000 lbs, the PW800 leads the way in versatility and ease of use. Eliminate the need for extra steps in your material handling process. Instead of bringing product to the scale, put a scale where your product already goes. We have several options for on-board weighing with both lift trucks and pallet jacks. We also offer platform scales with ramp as well. Call us (919) 776-7737 or fill out our Request a Quote form today.

  • CPS-Pallet-Jack-Scale.jpg
    CAS CPS 1 & 2 NTEP Pallet Jack ScaleThe CPS Series Pallet Jack Scale with its built-in printer is the ideal scale to weigh pallets. Heavy duty construction and easy to use. The CPS Series Pallet Jack Scale is available in 3 sizes and will be sure to meet your pallet weighing needs. Legal for Trade version now available. Capacity of 3000 lb or 5000 lb.
  • cas-cps-plus-pallet-truck-scale.jpg
    CAS CPS Plus Pallet Jack ScaleThe CPS Plus Pallet Jack Scale is the ideal solution for general industrial mobile weighing. Industry standard, the rugged fully featured economical CPS Plus model pallet truck scale is designed & built to last. (non ntep). 5000 x 1 lb
  • atlas-kwik-weigh-pallet-truck-scale.jpg
    Aatlas Kwik-Weigh KW-1 Pallet Truck with ScaleAtlas Kwik-Weigh KW-1 electronic pallet truck scale features a floating platform (ball and cup suspension) with back lighting when weigh is applied to forks. It also features, LB/KG toggle switch, push button tare with net/gross indication, RS 232 serial port and low battery indicator. Capacity: 4500 x 1 lb
  • tufner-t918-pallet-jack-scales
    Tufner T918 Pallet Jack ScaleUnique and user friendly designed pallet truck scale. Reinforced construction for everyday use. Low profile and tapered forks for easy entry into pallets. Ergonomic full function handle for easy lifting, moving and weighing. Effortless steering on flat or uneven surfaces. Built-in NTEP approved load cells. NTEP approved 3,000 x 1 lb and 5,000 x 2 lbs versions. 120VAC 60 Hz AC adapter and rechargeable battery
  • rice-lake-pallet-jack-scale
    Rice Lake RL-HPJ Pallet Jack ScaleKeep your product moving in the warehouse without trying to find a stationary scale to weigh your pallet. Weigh and transport pallets in one streamlined process with Rice Lake Weighing Systems RL-HPJ hand pallet jack scale. Item 183592. Cap: 5000 pounds.
  • worldweigh-t100-pallet-truck-scale
    B-Tek Worldweigh T100 Pallet Jack ScaleThe WorldWEIGH T100 is a portable weighing system for pallets featuring manual shaft-type steering. 2 inch backlit LCD display with 7 key keyboard. Capacity: 4400 x 2 lb. Fork Height : 3.4" - 7.9"

Having a Pallet Truck Scale In Your Warehouse Just Makes Sense

Depending on the size of your warehouse, sometimes it just makes sense to add a pallet jack scale to your weighing solutions to determine pallet weights. Of course every situation is different but you don't want pallet jacks being pushed all around your facility to find the closest platform scale. That's where a pallet truck scale can be a great time saver versus just having a manual pallet jack.

Quality Matters When It Comes To Pallet Trucks With a Built in Scale

We're just like you when it comes to making a purchase for the business. Quality matters but so does cost. However, when you're dealing with pallet jacks that have scale components built inside, you want to make sure that you buy a pallet jack with scale, often including a rechargeable battery and/or optional printer. That's why you won't see us selling cheap "no name" pallet jack scales from China. The pallet truck scales that we offer are high quality, brand name pallet scale truck that are made by companies we trust like Atlas, CAS, and Intercomp. Sure, we can sell other models to you but we prefer to recommend quality products that we trust. In our experiences, there's a difference between cheap and an economical solution.