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The pharmaceutical industry is increasingly faced with sluggish growth prospects for the future, forcing companies to cut costs in order to remain competitive. Weighing scales and systems from Central Carolina Scale can help pharma manufacturing by monitoring incoming feedstock, controlling the production process and measuring production output for billing accuracy. All of our scales are highly accurate, reliable and built to stand up to tough pharmaceutical industry environments. We offer everything from moisture analyzers to tank scales. Contact us for a quote today (919) 776-7737

  • AnD-FXi-WP.jpg
    A&D Weighing FX-iWP Water / Dust Proof Precision BalancesThe FX-iWP from A&D is the first Water proof and Dust proof (IP65) 0.001 g compact precision balance. The FX-iWP incorporates the reduced size Compact Super-Hybrid Sensor (SHS), which provides quick (one second) readings with high precision. Statistical Calculation Function (SCF) provides statistical data display
  • AnD-FXi-WP.jpg
    A&D Weighing FZ-iWP Water / Dust Proof Precision BalancesThe FZ-iWP Series, water proof and dust proof with internal calibration, incorporates the Compact Super Hybrid Sensor (C-SHS), which provides rapid weighing response coupled with high precision measurement. Simple one-touch operation ensures the accuracy of the balance.
  • AnD-GF-P-Pharmacy-Balance.jpg
    A&D Weighing GF-P Pharmacy BalanceA&D Legal-for-Trade Prescription Balance, ideal for Pill Counting & Compounding. One-Second Response Time. Meets Handbook 44 Requirements for a "Class A" Prescription Balance.
  • AnD-PHOENIX.jpg
    A&D Weighing Phoenix Series GH Analytical Balances A&D Phoenix series analytical balances with internal calibration economically provide high-end features and performance. These analytical balances provide advanced resolution, are easy to use and calibrate, and adjust their settings based on environmental changes.
  • weigh-tronix-220-tank-mount-compression-cell.jpg
    Avery Weigh-Tronix 220 Tank Mount Stainless Steel Compression Load CellAvery Weigh-Tronix 220 is specifically designed for the support of tanks, silos, and hoppers. It is ideal for indoor or outdoor process control applications when high accuracy weighing is required. The 220 tank mount load cell is designed to support a uniformly distributed load
  • weigh-tronix-fcqh-hinge-top-floor-scale.jpg
    Avery Weigh-Tronix FCQH Hinge Top Floor ScaleAvery Weigh-Tronix FCQH hinge top floor scale is the ideal platform scale for environments where strict sanitation and hygiene is essential. The scale has a semi-open access hinge top design which provides easy access for a complete wash down
  • weigh-tronix prodec stainless steel floor scale
    Avery Weigh-Tronix ProDec Stainless Steel Floor ScaleAvery Weigh-Tronix stainless steel ProDec floor scale is accurate, affordable and suitable for most industrial weighing applications. The stainless steel ProDec is equipped with hermetically sealed stainless Weigh Bars. The unique Weigh Bar sealing prevents air, gas and moisture from infiltrating gauge and wiring areas.
  • doran-8000is-intrinsically-safe-scale.jpg
    Doran 8200IS Intrinsically Safe Bench ScaleApproved for All Classes, Divisions, and Groups the Doran 8200IS Digital Weight Indicator available in AC powered or battery powered versions. Choose from various sizes and capacities. For larger capacities, the 24x24 scale base is available in 250, 500, or 1000 lb
  • uwe-ps2-stainless-steel-bench-scale.jpg
    Intelligent VPS Ultra Stainless Steel ScaleIntelligent VPS Ultra scale includes Heavy Duty All Stainless Steel Construction, Rechargeable Battery, Large Backlit LCD Display and Stainless Steel Load cell. Stainless steel platform, pillar, indicator, load cell and housing - easy to clean for food processing or harsh environments / wash down resistant.
  • Roughdeck-BDP-Barrel-Weigh.jpg
    Rice Lake Roughdeck BDP Barrel ScaleEasily accommodate a range of applications with the versatile RoughDeck BDP. Available in both stainless and mild construction, the low-profile design allows ramps to sit flush with the ground for smooth loading of barrels and drums. Siderails also allow the BDP to weigh pallets or other large items
  • Stainless-Steel-Balance.jpg
    Rice Lake TS Stainless Steel BalanceThe sleek looking stainless steel housing of the Rice Lake TS Series is more than just attractive. This mirror finish is a barrier against potentially destructive elements. For work environments where anything can happen, trust in a balance that delivers performance inside and out.
  • sartorius-intec-if-series-platform-scale
    Sartorius Intec IF Series Scale PlatformsSartorius IF Series floor scales are flat-bed scales that are available in various sizes, designs, weighing capacities and resolutions. They feature strain-gauge load cells that provide especially precise resolution. All flat-bed scales can be configured as high resolution instruments or for use in legal metrology.

In pharmaceutical settings, accurate weighing is critical. From precision balances, test weights and bench scales to floor scales for large-scale material handling, our Rice Lake weighing equipment offers a broad selection of weighing products ideal for the pharmaceutical industry.

When precision laboratory measurement is needed, the TS Series tuning fork balance offers a polished stainless steel housing and exceptional durability for laboratory environments. An IP65 rating means this balance protects electronic components against the ingress of dust and liquids that can happen from spills and splashes. The smooth, continuous lines of the TS design make cleanup effortless.

Effortless Setup: Say goodbye to PC connections and complex third-party software configurations. With the 7800 EIP, all setup is conveniently performed through the indicator or scale HMI. Settings are presented in a user-friendly, human-readable format for easy comprehension.

Flexible Configuration: Enjoy the freedom to read or write scale data without the constraints of fixed setups. Data in and out can be mapped to any register, making the 7800 EtherNet/IP Weight Indicator the ideal replacement for existing indicators. Duplicate the setup seamlessly, eliminating the need to reprogram or adjust PLC or control device settings.

Painless Troubleshooting: On-board diagnostics take the pain out of troubleshooting, ensuring efficient problem resolution and minimizing downtime.

The Cubis modular system from Sartorius® offers a selection of display and control units, weighing modules and draft shields. Cubis systems combine any number of these modules to achieve the best laboratory balance for pharmaceutical applications. Cubis systems meet advanced pharmaceutical compliance including user/password management for security and audit trail function logs.

GF-P Series balances from A&D Weighing® offer pill counting features, which comply with Handbook 44 requirements. Its fast, super hybrid sensor (SHS) provides ultimate response speed. An IP54 splash-proof operator keyboard protects against dust and spills, and its stainless steel weigh pan assures easy cleaning. The GF-P Series meets GLP/GMP/ISO compliance and is NTEP Certified and Pharmacopia approved.

We also offer individual weights and calibration weight sets for calibrating scales for precision laboratory applications with OIML and ASTM Classifications. ASTM Class weights are designed for calibrating Class I and Class II balances, and Class 4, 5 and 6 weights. These ultra-accurate test weights are ideal for precision laboratory use and force measurement. OIML Class weights are designed specifically for calibrating balances, calibrating weights, laboratory use and as mass standards. Rice Lake’s high-precision calibration weights provide ultimate accuracy and easy handling.

The BenchMark™ HE is a stainless steel, tabletop bench scale capable of weighing laboratory equipment and product vessels. Its stainless steel construction and IP69K hermetically sealed load cells stand up to chemical, pharmaceutical and medical processing applications and washdown needs after use.

From chemical hostile environments and sanitary pharmaceutical production lines to product quality control areas, RoughDeck® floor scales are designed specifically for corrosion resistance and long life. The RoughDeck HE and AutoLift HE, RoughDeck QC, and RoughDeck SD floor scales feature washdown capabilities for varying degrees of hostile, sanitary and wet environments. In every spectrum from laboratory research and development to product production plants, Rice Lake provides high-quality measurement solutions ideal for sanitary and precision requirements in the pharmaceutical industry.