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Scale Repair, Testing & Calibration

At Central Carolina Scale we are committed to providing high quality scale repair services for your weighing equipment, factory trained technicians to install and maintain your equipment, including regular calibration, servicing, troubleshooting, and repairs.

If your digital balance or scale breaks, our scale repair service team can fix it. When your scale needs calibrated, we can handle that promptly & efficiently with NIST traceable standards and documentation. Emergency loaner and rental scale equipment is available to keep your operation running. Almost all Scale Repair Services Company Sanford, NCscale manufacturers recommend some type of periodic calibration and maintentance routine for your digital and mechanical scales and balances. Central Carolina Scale can help you set up and maintain these important check ups, so that your scale service and calibration schedules are followed properly. Our technicians arrive prepared to provide these essential services, ensuring your scales are weighing accurately. Complete documentation will be provided, usually the same day.


  • Certified Test Weight -- Our Entire Fleet of Service Vehicles carry at least 500 lbs. certified NIST traceable test weights for the absolute best test of your weigh device.


  • Experience matters -- Nothing compares to the extensive experience and factory training of your certified Central Carolina Scale professional technician; with an average tenure of 7 years on the job. Quite often, our technicians are receiving training from scale manufacturers and reps in addition to ongoing training provided by Central Carolina Scale. Our scale technicians are licensed with the NC Division of Weight and Measures.


  • Test Trucks with Portable Carts -- Our two heavy capacity TEST TRUCKS were fabricated & designed from the ground up for efficiency and the best possible test of your heavy capacity scale. Two Motorized carts and hoist ensure the best overall test of your scale. Our Calibration Test Unit arrives at your site and our technicians use our certified weight cart to calibrate your equipment. Test weights are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.


  • Calibration Service Agreements -- Have your scales been certified lately? You may be surprised at how little it costs to have the accuracy of your devices assured year round! Let us quote a planned maintenance program for monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual calibration intervals. With one of our planned maintenance program in place, calibration and repair services are performed at specified intervals. At your direction, we can notify you of upcoming scheduled calibrations to ensure the time is convenient for you and the equipment is available to be checked. In many cases, our unique planned scale service plans gives you the opportunity to budget scale maintenance at a fixed cost for an entire year. This includes charges for scheduled calibrations with travel costs.


  • UPGRADES -- Technology is constantly evolving. The scale industry is no different. Many times, for less than the exchange price of a main board, we can upgrade your scale system to new state of the art equipment.


  • Emergency Scale Service and Repair -- Emergency service is available at Central Carolina Scale. When your weighing scale is down, many companies have the potential to come to a complete stand still. That is why we strive to answer all service calls as soon as possible.

scale errors can reduce your company profits 


Service Support for your Weighing Scales and Equipment

As a company we are committed to providing high quality service support for your weighing equipment. Factory trained technicians install and maintain your equipment including regular calibration, service and repair. Our state certified service technicians will work with you to identify potential issues to ensure that your weighing equipment is operating at peak performance.

Central Carolina Scale employs state certified scale technicians, who are factory trained and are qualified to work on-site with all makes and models of scales and weighing equipment. In most cases, we have the scale manuals and access to replacement parts such as load cells, main boards etc... to get your scales up and running. Our experienced staff strives to help customers quickly and efficiently with dependable and reliable repairs, many times on the same day as the original service call.

Do you have several scales that you need to set-up on a routine maintenance interval? Many companies do this to help catch problems early and insure consistent weighing accuracy on their scales throughout the year. Our Service Manager can help you develop maintenance schedules that best fit your needs and budget. Ask about setting up a routine Preventative Maintenance and Calibration schedule that will help your business maintain reliable and accurate weighing.

When you choose Central Carolina Scale, you receive great customer service, testing with NIST traceable test weights, calibration certificates and much more. If you have a truck scale, we can check that with one of our Heavy Duty Test Trucks with portable weight carts that are also available for calibrations on your vehicle scales and other heavy weight applications. Contact us today for your scale needs. Call (919) 776-7737.

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