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Please browse our selection of intrinsically safe scale products and rely on Doran and Rice Lake's years of experience in hazardous area weighing applications. The equipment is Factory Mutual approved for use in hazardous areas. For use in volatile areas, Rice Lake Weighing Systems offers the very best in intrinsically safe and explosion-proof equipment. These devices require detailed attention to specification and installation guidelines. For IS system compatibility, use these intrinsically safe indicators with Rice Lake's selection of FM-approved load cells.

We offer the very best selection of intrinsically safe and explosion-proof equipment. This equipment requires attention to specification and installation guidelines. For IS system compatibility, our suppliers offer a complete line of FM-approved load cells that interface with these indicators in accordance with the official FM control drawings. Designed with the level of safety your location requires, the 320IS and 320IS Plus hazardous area scales meet hazardous environment requirements without hesitation. With Factory Mutual (FM) entity approval, it is the ideal solution for dangerous and highly explosive environments. An optional safe area I/O module allows communication with printers, computers and other peripherals. The IQ 700IS is designed to be operator friendly. The intrinsically-safe 115 VAC power supply has been designed for mounting within the hazardous area. The EL232 XPCD offers 20 mA current loop or RS-232 input, NEMA 4, 7CD, 9EFG enclosure, and is compatible with all IQ plusģ series indicators.

Caution The equipment contained within this Explosive Environment section requires greater attention to specification and installation guidelines. Improper specification, installation or service of these products can result in loss of equipment or serious injury.

Below are Rice Lake's definitions and examples of Explosion proof and Intrinsically safe systems. What is an explosion-proof indicator? Itís simply a digital weight indicator enclosed in a special case. The purpose of an explosion-proof indicator is not, as the name suggests, to protect the indicator. Instead, the case prevents any explosion WITHIN the case from causing subsequent fire or explosion in the surrounding atmosphere.

For example, in a grain elevator application, combustible dusts (Class II hazardous atmosphere) may be present. A spark in a non-explosion proof indicator could ignite an elevator-wide explosion. However, with an explosion-proof indicator, the spark (or even an explosion) is contained within the case. The hazardous atmosphere cannot be ignited, and the elevator is protected.

Intrinsically safe load cells and safety barriers take the explosion proof principle a step further. Intrinsic safety ensures that the indicatorís electrical wiring and components are, by design, incapable of releasing enough energy to ignite flammable or combustible atmospheric mixtures in their most easily ignitable concentrations. In short, an intrinsically safe device eliminates the conditions for an explosion, no matter what the circumstances.

  • and-ek-ep-intrinsically-safe-weighing-balance
    A&D EK-EP Series Intrinsically Safe Compact BalanceA&D Weighing now offers EK-EP intrinsically safe compact weighing balances. Stay safe with a compact, lightweight and affordable lab balance for hazardous environments. FM & FMc approved for excellent explosion protection. Portable and battery powered, requiring no power supply from a safe area. Get it today and start using it today.
  • doran-8000is-intrinsically-safe-scale.jpg
    Doran 8000IS Intrinsically Safe Bench ScaleApproved for All Classes, Divisions, and Groups the Doran 8000IS Digital Weight Indicator available in AC powered or battery powered versions. Choose from the 2 lb Super Precision bases to detect changes in weight as fine as 0.1 grams. For larger capacities, the 24x24 scale base is available in 250, 500, or 1000 lb
  • doran-8000is-digital-weight-indicator.jpg
    Doran 8000IS Intrinsically Safe Weight IndicatorApproved for All Classes, Divisions, and Groups the Doran 8000IS Digital Weight Indicator can be mated to compatible FM load cells to form a complete intrinsically safe scale system. This includes any Doran scale base, as well as most FM approved load cells. AC powered or battery powered versions
  • 355-IS.jpg
    GSE 350 I.S. Series Weight IndicatorsDesigned to meet global standards in metrology and electrical safety, the GSE Scale Systems Model 350 I.S. and Model 355 I.S. deliver precision weighing in intrinsically safe hazardous environments.
  • 320IS-intrinsically-safe-weight-indicator.jpg
    Rice Lake 320IS Intrinsically Safe Digital Weight IndicatorThe Rice Lake 320IS provides basic weighing functions while addressing the specific voltage and regulatory requirements for explosive environments. The five-key operation is very user friendly. Use with either AC or DC power supply, both intrinsically safe.
  • 320IS_plus.jpg
    Rice Lake 320IS Plus Intrinsically Safe Digital Weight IndicatorGet basic weighing functions with the benefit of a full front keypad in Rice Lake 320IS Plus. When used with an optional I/O module installed outside the hazardous area, the 320IS Plus can provide enhanced programmability and batching functions. Use with either AC or DC power supply, both intrinsically safe.
  • rice-lake-rl1200-is-portable-beam-scale
    Rice Lake RL1200 IS Intrinsically Safe Electromechanical Portable Beam ScaleRice Lake Portable Beam Scales are cost-effective, cast-iron constructed scales designed to deliver the ultimate in portability and durability. Rice Lake's RL1200 IS is a portable, electromechanical beam scale with an intrinsically safe indicator.
  • rice-lake-rl1200-portable-beam-scale.jpg
    Rice Lake RL1200 Portable Beam ScalesRice Lake RL1200 Portable Beam Scales are cost-effective, cast-iron constructed scales designed to deliver the ultimate in portability and durability. Also NTEP approved and suitable for Legal for Trade applications, well suited for intrinsically safe areas or areas without access to electricity. Cap: 1000 lbs
Hazardous atmospheres are divided into three general classes and two divisions:
CLASS I: Flammable Gases or Vapors
CLASS II: Combustible Dusts
CLASS III: Ignitable Fibers or Flyings

DIVISION 1: Hazard exists under normal conditions.
DIVISION 2: Hazardous material is handled, processed or stored. Hazard is not normally present, but may be released due to accident or equipment malfunction.

Central Carolina Scale's individual suppliers warrant that all intrinsically safe (IS) equipment and systems installed by a distributor or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) will operate per written specifications as confirmed the individual manufacturers. All systems and components are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for one year. All Intrinsically Safe equipment we offer carries a Factory Mutual approval and is documented. To preserve the warranty and Factory Mutual approval, all repairs or replacement of circuit boards or components housed within the enclosures must be performed by factory authorized personnel at the respective manufacturer of the equipment. The customer is responsible for choosing the correct equipment that meets their individual classification requirements.

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